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Standard Party

$29.00 per person, Includes; (minimum 10 pax, maximum 35 pax)

There is nothing standard about this package! The standard party package allows for just enough fun for the kids. As a parent, what more could you ask for than an hour and a half of bliss where you do not need to lift a finger!

So wondering what is involved in this package?

Guests enjoy an hour on the trampolines and half an hour in the party room to enjoy their meal and cut the birthday cake.

On arrival, once you have made yourself known to reception, you are required to complete the waiver forms for your birthday boy or girl. These waiver forms can be completed on the tablets (this is then valid for 6 months) by the parent or carer or guardian for each individual party guest. Alternatively, each guest’s parent would be required to complete the waiver form prior to entry.  Now that all the paperwork is complete, let the fun begin!

Ten to fifteen minutes prior to the commencement of your birthday party, you will be introduced to your party host who will organize your guests with wrist bands and grip socks, and entertain your birthday boy or girl for the duration of their party. Parents and guests are then shown to the party room in order to place their belongings, presents and cake.

Now that the participants are ready to go, it’s party time!! Guests will be guided through FX Zone Sports Centre & Trampoline Park, while you take this opportunity to sit back and relax while the children have some fun. As the guest bounce off with their party host, they will explore the three trampoline areas for an hour of bouncing fun.

The children will definitely expend some energy during this hour and therefore a bottle of water is provided to each of the party guests. Their water/ Soft drink is located on the table in their party room to ensure they have access to their bottles at any point during the party.

Children will then accompany the host to their party room where they will be served their meal and have the opportunity to re-energize after their fun filled session. And to conclude your party, the guest sing happy birthday and the cake is cut and served. If this sounds like the package for you, book now to avoid disappointment!

Included in this package:

  • Dedicated Party Host (1.5 hrs. total)
  • 1.5 hrs. Private party room (Inclusive of Jump time)
  • A Packet of potato crisps (per guest)
  • A choice of various meal options
  • A bottle of water/ soft drink (per guest)
  • 1 hour jump time
  • Grip socks for each guest

Please see the party booking tab to check date availability and make your party booking now to avoid disappointment.

Please press the book now button on the top right corner, select “Book a party” and follow the steps to complete our electronic party booking form. You will be provided with log-in details so as to amend any details regarding your party. Party payment is required 7 Days in advance and no changes can be made after this, as our system will lock out at this time.



30 Oct, 2014

Kids Parties



/30 Aug, 2014

Let’s go party!!!

Dhara Patel

/13 Feb, 2015

I would like to know more as I wish to celebrate my daughters 11th birthday there.
Thanks Dhara

/13 Feb, 2015

Hi Dhara,
We have 3 packages to offer. We have our ‘standard package’ which is for one hour and a half at $29 per person, our ‘premium package’ which is for two hours at $35 per person and our $40 sports package which is also for two hours. For further information please visit our website. http://fxzone.com.au/kids-parties/

Your FX Zone Team

Alex O'Mara

/08 Mar, 2015

I rang today to book a standard party for 10 for my son Thomas Smith on Sunday 29 March from 3-4.30pm and they told me I needed to book on line. I’ve been trying to book online for the past hour but the booking page is broken – it won’t let me past the first page. Can you please organise a booking for me or at least let me know if this session is free?
Kind regards Alex O’Mara

/09 Mar, 2015

Hello Alex,

Unfortunately we can not book the party at that time the only time available for a standard party are the follow:
Party Time 10:00am-11.30am 12pm-1.30pm 6pm-7.30pm

Alex Please try again and make sure to complete every dot, ex: choose water or juice, what kind of food would you like for Thomas party, sometimes that is why you can not go to the following page.

We Hope this info help you to book Thomas party. If there is any problem please ring us at 02 9648 0781 and we can help you to complete your booking.

Fx Zone
Management Team.


/26 Sep, 2015

Can the kids still stay in the centre for free even after the party?

/08 Oct, 2015

Hi Joanne,
Jumpers attending parties can stay in the centre after the party if they purchase additional jumping time, otherwise they should leave after the party ends.
FX Zone.

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