Guitar RockStar Competition
- Now Closed

The Guitar RockStar Idol competition is now closed and the winner will be announced shortly, so watch this space!!

You can still view, vote for and share the Guitar RockStar videos. The vote button is used to show how much you like or dislike a video and is just for fun now the competition is closed.

If you think you can do better than the videos already up on the site, why not have a go by clicking on the upload video icon.

Upload a video of yourself air guitaring to your favourite head banging tunes or use Guitar RockStar and rock to one of the eight pre-programmed songs!

Upload Video

The Competition:

  • Opens on Friday 18th July.
  • Closes Saturday 6th September.
  • Is open to all, no age limitations.

The Categories

Choosing the Guitar RockStar Idol competition Winner:

  • 1st round voted by general public.
  • 2nd round – winner of each category go up against each other where the winner will be picked by panel of industry experts!

The Guitar RockStar Idol Prize:

It’s the ultimate money-can’t-buy experience – live like a RockStar!

  • Start your RockStar day by travelling to London
  • Spend the night in a famous Rock 'n' Roll suite in a top secret exclusive London hotel
  • Enjoy a personal shopping experience in a top department store with spending money, a consultation suite, refreshments and your own shopping consultant
  • Airport transfers to a London airport
  • Return flights to a secret location
  • Accommodation in a super-chic 3/4* boutique hotel
  • A limo will sweep you to see a "RockStar" band in concert
  • Plus a personal multimedia player and fully comprehensive travel insurance
  • You’ll be a star too – you will feature in the November 2008 TV commercial for Guitar RockStar!

All competition entrants must be available to claim prize on the weekend of 12th September 2008.

How to Win!!

It is all down to the general public to vote for videos they like best, so make sure you get as many people as possible to vote for your video – remember to pass the video on to your friends or family.

The competition is separated by age category and the finalists will be the video in each category with the most votes!

The finalists will be viewed by a panel of industry experts who will choose the overall winner!

Uploading your RockStar Video

The time it takes to upload your video depends on how big it is and the upload speed on your internet connection. As a guideline though, a video from a mobile phone will probably take from a few seconds to a few minutes to upload, a recording made on a digital (stills) camera will probably take in the order of tens of minutes to upload and a high quality video from a digital video camera could take several hours.