Jigsaw is a power tool with a moving blade. It is used to cut irregular designs on plywood. With a use of a stencil the operator can cut the wood into whatever shape he wants. The jigsaw tool has a motor controlling the reciprocating mechanism of the blade. The speed of the blade is measured in strokes per minute (SPM). it can also operate on angles ranging from -45 degrees to +45 degrees, including 0,15,30 and 45 degrees in both directions.

Whether you are an experienced worker or an amature hobbyist, you need the best tool according to your needs to pursue your goals. Finding the Jigsaw that is perfect for you, can be time-consuming and confusing. It does not mean that you should lose hope, and you do not have to work to discover the best Jigsaw! In this guide, we’re going to help you through our top picks out there, as well as give you all of the information that you need in our buying guide of Jigsaw!

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Before anything else, let’s take a look at some of the jigsaws on the market that are capable of making the best shapes out of simple wood. To help you to find and understand what the “best jigsaw” means, we have produced a listing of jigsaw reviews to help you limit your options. In our buying guide for jigsaws, we have laid out some of the ideas and advice that we have on locating the Jigsaw that’s right for you on the basis of your needs and options. Hopefully, after going through our top 10 jigsaw reviews and buying guide you will be able to find the best tool for yourself.

Types of Jigsaws

Corded Jigsaw: As the name suggests, this jigsaw draws power directly from the electric supply. These jigsaws generally have more powerful motors. They are lightweight compared to cordless jigsaws. However they have reduced mobility due to the wire.

Cordless Jigsaw: These jigsaws draw power from a battery attached to the tool itself. This makes them heavier but they have increased mobility and portability.

Each type can have carbon-steel, bi-metal and carbide blades suitable for wood, steel and even harder materials respectively.

Best jigsaw reviews

10 Best Jigsaw Reviews

1. Makita 4350FCT Jigsaw

Number 1 on our Listing is the Makita 4350FCT. This is comfortably graded and is a quality product that is real. Like our top pick, it comes loaded with features.

It’s a little tool. This tool offers features that are similar to our top pick, including electronic speed control, this device enables you to set the blade’s speed depending on the job at hand in a range of 800 SPM to 2800 SPM. It has a tool-less blade change which is a nice feature but probably not as handy as the blade ejection feature over. This allows the user to change blades without the trouble of having to use a tool in seconds. It’s a real time-saver, but this feature is safe from the operator’s point of view.

One feature I love is the built-in LED light for precision and increased visibility. Now you will never have to grapple to see the line of cut, maintaining your handwork tidy and neat.

Along with a 6.3 Amp motor it has 3 orbital settings that are able to cut in a straightway. This device has a toolless assembly and a dust-blower pre-built in the machine to have precise cuts.

There is one thing that can cause a problem for this item if you’re left-handed. The lock button is on the left and I am not left-handed, but this is pretty thoughtless.

It does come with all the accessories, including a cover plate, six blades, an anti-splintering device, a wrench, and a tool case. All these tools need to be bought separately, this can cause trouble to the user. The base is made up of die-cast aluminum and can be adjusted to a 45-degree angle in both directions.

All in all, this deserves this place on the list. It has everything you require, although it is not quite as powerful or feature-rich as our top pick. If you are left-handed, avoid.

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  • Variable speed control
  • Built-in light for visibility
  • Die-cast aluminum construction
  • The lock button is on the left side, that is an awkward spot for left-handed men and women.

2. Bosch JS470E Jigsaw

The second product of our list is the Bosch JS470E. Being one of our top pick, this decoration is the most well-rounded in the marketplace. If you are a hobbyist or an experienced carpenter looking to make some home improvements, this instrument can get the job done correctly.

The Bosch JS470E has too many features to list in their entirety, but let us run with the features that impressed us. Firstly, this jigsaw boasts a powerful 7.0 Amp motor that can push through any tough job. With 4-in-1 orbital action settings the blade stroke of this jigsaw can be altered which provides immense control over the job and provides powerful cutting options to the user.

This tool features, die-cast steel, and aluminum construction mean it is not going to break on you when you need it. Additionally, this tool includes variable speed control, allowing you to pick the cutting speed that is most appropriate for your project. With an internal plunging system, this machine operates with low vibrations and allows smooth cutting. It improves the finish of the work and increases the accuracy of the machine. There is an excellent safety feature in this Jigsaw that this merchandise has a tool-less blade-ejection lever, so you will not have to risk a burn when you require changing a blade for any reason.

It comes with a number of accessories, including an anti-splinter insert, a blade, a wrench, an overshoe, and a carrying case. However, it does not come with a brace, which would be fine, especially when this is an expensive product.

Overall, this Jigsaw has everything you could ask for in a jigsaw. If you’re willing to incur the cost of a solution, you should consider buying the Bosch JS470E. It is one of the best buys for users and is a trusted tool that will last for many projects and many years to come.

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  • Smooth operation
  • Cut that is straight and accurate.
  • The low-vibration design is comfortable.
  • Variable speed dial and trigger
  • Top of the line price
  • Can’t lock the cause to very slow speeds


The next item in our list is The Black + Decker BDEJS600C, which is our pick for the most pocket-friendly Jigsaw. This jigsaw features a 5.0 amp motor, hitting the exact power required for professionals. A point of budget picks is that they do enough and no more, saving you money but providing you unexpectable performance. The motor provides a cutting power of 3000 SPM and can provide leveled cuts up to 45 degrees in both directions.

This jigsaw also features a curve control technology allowing you to change the orbit settings of the jigsaw in four different custom settings. The wire guard in this machine provides precise cuts to the user and the dust blower provides a clean space to work on so that clear cuts can be made on the material. The keyless clamp for blade assembly ensures hassle-free changing of blades.

There are some flaws with this tool. It is noisier than other saws on this list. It makes an unhealthy work environment and prevents the operator from working on long stretches. Along with that, the cable in this jigsaw is too short, a seven feet long cable might not be long enough for all users so you may need to use a power extension cord. Also, the angle of the shoe can only be set to two angles, 45 degrees, 25 degrees, which may be an issue if you are set on doing a lot of bevel cutting.

Apart from its flaws, this is a fantastic product for the price and should be recommended for people who are currently working on a budget. This jigsaw is ideal for cutting a variety of materials. Along with all its features and flaws, this is an excellent tool for those that are only getting into a hobby and are not sure if they wish to create a substantial commitment yet.

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  • 5.0 amp motor
  • Variable speed control
  • Dust blower
  • Adjustable shoe
  • Noisy
  • Short power cord


PORTER-CABLE PC600JS Jigsaw is fourth on our list, but that doesn’t mean that it should be underestimated. This product has a lot of features that make it attractive to buyers, including a more budget-friendly price compared to the products above.

Continuing a trend, the Porter-Cable PC600JS clocks in with a slightly less powerful 6.0 Amp motor. Although this product has less oomph than the previous two, it still stands up well against the needs of a jigsaw. With DIY project jobs, you usually need about three or four amp motor. This product has the power to handle any project you could throw at it, which makes it useful for both professionals and amateurs.

The four different positions of the orbital lever and 7 potential working speeds make the Porter-Cable PC600JS one of our top picks. With its 6.0 Amp motor and a variable blade speed between 0-3500 SPM, this machine can handle the mightiest of jobs with ease. The blade can be adjusted at four different angles from 0 degrees up to 45 degrees. With a comfortable soft-grip, this jigsaw can be controlled comfortably and can be used for hours without getting tired.

This product does have one blazing disadvantage, however. On the front, the release mechanism of the saw’s grip is constructed from rubberized plastic and is not the strong point. This will swing to break more than a metal piece or rubber.

Apart from that, this jigsaw has an LED guideline for quality work and a six-foot-long cord for free movement of the machine.

For those who are looking for an excellent jigsaw that is likely to fit into the budget, the Porter-Cable PC600JS is your obvious choice. The cost and quality of this jigsaw are good to make it a buy that the user will not likely regret.

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  • Variable speed control
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Tool-free bevel adjustments
  • Inexpensive release mechanism — decreased durability

5. TACKLIFE Advanced Jigsaw

The Tacklife Advanced Jigsaw is a sturdy and multi-functioning jigsaw. With a 6.7 Amp motor, it provides a cutting speed of 3000 SPM along with an excellent amount of power. It is able to cut even the toughest of materials and can handle different types of work situations. This compact jigsaw has 6 different variable speed options and 4 cutting orbit setting to adapt to the different cutting methods according to different materials. Lower orbital settings are suitable for cutting hard materials and vice versa.

The footplate in this jigsaw is highly adjustable. It can rotate up to 45 degrees in both right and left directions. It also has a quick tool-less blade assembly which is suitable for the operator to change the blade whenever needed.

It is packed with different accessories that are important for the user. The lock switch is a useful feature for the professionals who work for a long period of time. They do not need to continuously press the trigger which reduces fatigue and increases the efficiency of work.

The build quality of this machine is superior as compared to other jigsaws on this list. It has an ergonomic handle which allows a comfortable position to the operator. Along with a long 10 feet cable, this jigsaw provides the operator with freedom of movement. The package consists of 6 blades for different types of materials. The kit consists of all the equipment a professional would need to complete different sets of work efficiently. This 800-watt jigsaw is perfect for DIY projects and daily home needs.

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  • Affordable
  • Powerful at 6.7 amps
  • LED light
  • Blades have an aptness to pop out of the guide.
  • Difficult to make a very straight cut
  • Base scratches on the surface you’re cutting.

6. SKIL 4495-02 Jigsaws

If you are into woodworks and make projects on a regular basis then this is the correct jigsaw for you. Equipped with a compelling 6.0 Amp motor, this jigsaw has four positional orbital cut control for quick and powerful cuts. The Skil 4495 Laser jigsaw is a tool with performance. It produces smooth cuts efficiently with the 13/16″ stroke length and variable speed trigger. At 5 pounds, it’s lighter, which makes it suitable for prolonged projects. Even though it does feature a laser to mark your cut and make it more comfortable to see, it’s more of a gimmick than a useful function. In daylight, you can hardly see the beam, and it tends to drift off the proper path, meaning your cuts do not end up straight! An LED could have been a better choice.

It becomes loose during use, allowing the base to move. The blades tended to wobble and did not seem fully secure. Some brands wouldn’t even lock fully, although it’s supposed to accept all U-shank and T-shank blades. Although this saw does operate and a warranty covered it, it’s not quite up to par with some of the choices on this listing.

The foot design of the machine is quite stable and provides the user with excellent control while cutting this reduces the risks of improper and rugged cuts. This jigsaw is good for novices who are wishing to take their projects to a different platform. Operators looking for a safe choice for buying a jigsaw can buy this jigsaw although this has some issues the drawbacks are not considerable in front of the ease of use and power of this jigsaw.

No products found.

  • Strong 6 amps
  • Pretty light at five Pounds
  • Affordably priced
  • Base tension knob gets loose.
  • Blades often wobble
  • Some brands of blades didn’t fit.
  • The laser is more of a gimmick.

7. Makita 4329K Jigsaw

Makita makes some excellent Power tools at low prices. The 4329K will perform worth it while they might not last the test of time for cutting jobs, after heavy and prolonged use on site. With any equipment in this way, you want to be realistic with your expectations and think about your usage.

This variable speed Jigsaw has a layout and is intended to feel as good as it looks.

3.9-amp motor. With a clear dial, you can go from 500-3100SPM. This permits you to marry the application for cutting that is most effective and the rate edge. Whatever material you’re working with, you’ll receive accurate and quick cuts without any splintering or tear-out. All you need to do is the user-friendly dial, and you are ready to go.

The design and grip that is cozy means you can work without feeling strained. Makita has rolled out a counterweight balancing system to keep everything as it should be. Weighing at a mere 4.2 lbs and measuring just under 9 inches long, you will get heavyweight performance without a hulking jigsaw.

Using the Makita is a gratifying experience. You’ll notice vibration as a result of the patented counterweight balancing system. If you are working on jobs, you can envision the lock-on button and the trigger switch that is huge and is easy on your fingers. This type of focus on ergonomics is, although unexpected, on a jigsaw that is on budget pricing.

A combination of comfort and safety, there is a dust port accessible so that you can link your shop vac and the Jigsaw together. When you are working, not only does it mark your line of sight, it plays havoc in addition to leading to diseases in the scenario.

With 3 settings to proceed With the Makita, you may make a diverse range of cuts in all directions alongside the cutting that is straight. Jigsaws have used in such a wide variety of projects that this adaptability is what differentiates the best jigsaws from others.

The length of stroke more than respectable 11/16 inches. With wood, you’ll find a maximum cutting capacity of 9/16 inches. This is reduced to 1/4 inch if you plan to utilize steel.

Die-cast aluminum that’s rugged and durable while also extremely light. You will be able to fix this up to 45 degrees to both right and left.

While changing its blade, you’ll have the ability to make use of the hex wrench that is onboard. This helps you to make adjustments that are bevel or change the blade. One thing to be aware of when you’re tightening up the blade, this can cause it to be pumped off of 90 degrees, so make sure to work slowly and methodically for accurate cutting.

The Jigsaw comes with a wrench and blade, thrown in a carrying case to keep things secure if you need to take it to the job site.

Take a glimpse at the main benefits and downsides of this Makita before we proceed to our final jigsaw review.

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  • Adaptable motor adjustable
  • Little vibration
  • Adjustable base
  • Work with button and trigger switch.
  • 3 orbital settings
  • Lightweight
  • Streamlined
  • Dust port hook up your
  • Not suitable for sustained
  • Heavy use in a commercial setting
  • No LED lighting
  • It slightly out of kilter

8. Ridgid R8832B Jigsaw

The Ridgid R8832B 18V cordless Jigsaw is pretty mild for a cordless version at only 4.15 pounds for just the saw. The LED light on the frontline makes it easy to see your line of cut. The actual standout, though, is the lifetime warranty. Now a lot of Jigsaw is coming with dust port with an additional attachment and Ridgid has adopted it too. In case your Job requires to make longer cuts or working on a series of complex cuts, the lock-on button is a great addition for you. Ridgid implements the very common speed dials beautifully that we generally see on Jigsaws on top of the D-handle. You get a performance boost from Octane batteries inserted into Octane tools.

Any job that requires Jigsaw is very delicate and requires top of the line precision, control, and finesse. The line start Mode available on the variable speed dial is excellent and gives excellent control while operating. With 3500 SPM, the tool is right in line with the other top picks on our list. I personally like the barrel grip instead of D-handle but still, their implication feels good on hand. The handle controls are at perfect position and are easily reachable.

The warranty, while excellent, is available if you buy this tool from Home Depot the fact that this expensive Jigsaw requires the additional purchase of a battery, bringing it to a premium price point.

No products found.

  • Line start mode
  • Lock-on button
  • 3,500 SPM
  • LED light
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The dust blower is ineffective.
  • No warranty unless purchased from Home Depot
  • Must purchase battery an expense, separate

9. Festool 561608 Jigsaws

Festool is one of the established brands in terms of tools. This jigsaw from Festool has a 550-watt motor providing blades with 3800 SPM. It is a heavy-duty tool highly efficient for professional use. It has a triple-blade guidance system to provide the user with accurately perpendicular cuts. It provides you with straight cuts and shows almost no tear-out. The LED on the front and dust port on the rear that connects to a dust extractor unite to make sure that you can always see your cut line. This feature results in a perfect finish of the work.

The brushless motor is lightweight and serves for a long period of time. The robust design of this jigsaw makes it handle the toughest of all jobs. The jigsaw boosts the speed and productivity of your project. With its advanced dust extracting system it executes cleaner cuts and a healthier workspace. It is highly compact and portable so it allows you to store and move this product in the most efficient and time-saving way so that you can get the most out of your work.

This device has some serious drawbacks. First of all, it is very expensive. If you pay a fortune for a device you expect it to be magical but it is not up to the mark with its price tag. While jigsaws available on the market feature a base, this one is awful. It doesn’t tilt and is not stable. With such standard and cost, you would expect them to catch such glaring design flaws.

This device not only supports tools from its own domain but is also compatible with tools and parts from other manufacturers.

No products found.

  • Light at one pound
  • 3,800 SPM
  • LED on front
  • Insane price
  • The base doesn’t tilt properly
  • The base does not stay stable
  • Very uncomfortable handle
  • Jumpy operation

10. BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw JS670V

Weighing only 3.75 lbs it is one of the lightest jigsaws on the list. It has a 6.0 Amp motor which is capable of providing a 0-3000 SPM cutting speed range. The cutting force is also excellent with a stroke length of 13/16”. The jigsaw is able to cut through most of the materials and thick woods. With its tool-free blade assembly, it is a comfortable task to change blades at any time. Working on batteries it provides the operator with superior mobility but due to working on batteries it is unable to provide long working time and power.

It is equipped with many features and these features only make this jigsaw a considerable buy. The line finder feature in this jigsaw illuminates the path of your cut to present a guideline, this eases the work of the operator and hence increases the overall quality of the work. Although LED is mostly preferred for guiding the cut but still having a line finder mechanism is a no loss situation. The trigger controls the rate of cutting, allowing you to get more precise with your cuts. For the cost, the two-year warranty ensures that this saw does not provide you with any hassle.

The black+decker jigsaw comes with onboard blade storage for quick access. The smart orbital selection system automatically selects the optimum orbital settings to provide the best cut on the materials. All you have to do is set the task on a dial. This jigsaw is having a very positive review on Amazon and is suggested by many users to work on DIY Projects and visually appealing work with this jigsaw. It is a safe buy for both novices as well as professionals.

This jigsaw comes in a package along with different blades and batteries and a pen holder on the cable.

No products found.

  • Very lightweight at pounds
  • Low price
  • The line finder is a gimmick.
  • During cutting jumped around.
  • Base loosened during operation.

Things to Consider Before Buying Jigsaw

Now, as you’ve read about our top 10 picks. This will make your choice easier since you’ll know what exactly to look for. There are quite a few things to bear in mind, and you won’t be satisfied with your purchase if you neglect something important.


For most of the jigsaws, the power is rated in amps. For the ones, it rated in volts rather since they are powered by a battery. Each saw on this list gives ample power cuts. However, there’s still confusion between the 5 amps produced by the power version and 7 amps made by the powerful. This will affect efficiency, as well as how thick of materials you’ll be able to cut.


When you are in the zone, it’s easy to lose track of time, and the hours fly by. While having a heavy jigsaw, hours can add up, and you will start to feel the fatigue with a saw. This could manifest in wrists and shoulders. Keeping that in mind, there’s also a benefit to a saw. While a heavier saw may have an easier time achieving a cutting performance, lighter saws apt to jump around more from the cutting action of the blade, with a weight ranging from a mere one pound into a stout 7.7 lbs, there’s a whole lot of variability from model to model.

Motor Speed

The motor speed of a jigsaw is Quantified in SPM or strokes per minute. Faster speeds allow smoother and quicker cuts. While any jigsaw over 2,500 SPM should be sufficient, some saws offer far higher rates than this.

Variable Speed

You get better control of your cut by having control of your speed. This makes it feasible to create cuts that are more precise and much cleaner. They do so in ways that are different, while each saw on this list will not feature a variable rate. Some models consist of a variable speed trigger, which permits you to adjust the rate by adjusting how much you pull on the trigger. Others have a speed pick knob, which allows you to select a specific rate the trigger will participate in. Models combine these two approaches for the flexible speed variability of all of them. These models use a rate select knob to choose your max speed, and the trigger controls the speed within that range. These jigsaws models also usually allow you to lock the trigger into the range’s top rate if you would like.

Blade Change

Each Jigsaw that gained its way onto our top 10 list features tool-free blade changing. However, not all jigsaws available on the market do, so it is worth mentioning. Without having to touch the hot metal with your fingers, tool-free blade changing allows changes of the blade. This is much convenient and quicker than models where change is done with an Allen wrench.

Smooth Operation

Among the things that are most important to consider are, when it operates, how does it feel? This can be a break or make a kind of deal. A jumpy jigsaw with a blade that has difficulty cutting and often binds straight will be much more frustrating than it’s worth. Vibration dampening that may make it far more comfortable to use when putting in long hours on your project is featured by some models of the Jigsaw.


An orbital saw cuts in an orbital motion as implied by the title. This is more efficient than straight up and down cutting patterns. It is for cutting thick pieces exceptional, and it offers quicker cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jigsaw

Q. Are the Cordless Jigsaws beneficial?

The apparent answer is that you have freedom of movement. You are not limited to within a few feet of an electrical outlet.

On the other hand, these are often powered by batteries in the area of cords. It follows that these jigsaws replaced the line down, and possibly are not only more cumbersome but need their batteries recharged as well.

Q. Can my Jigsaw be used to cut stone metal or laminate?

That depends on for cutting laminate, and you would simply need a laminate blade. You need the proper blade, but a saw with enough grunt to handle cutting through those materials that are tougher when cutting on metal or rock.

Q. Will I need a particular saw blade?

Yes. When cutting at different kinds of materials, you’ll want to make sure to use the proper blade for that material. You’ll need a blade that extends or so through the material if you are cutting material. When cutting curves, you will want to use them.

Q. Can my jigsaw blade sharpen?

I’ll go ahead and put this, but it’s more effort than it is worth. If you were set on it, I’d imagine you could.

Q. What size extension cable should I use?

Not all extension cords are equivalent. So, you’ll need to make sure you have an extension cable that can satisfy the power needs of your saw.

Failing to get power to the saw not only prevents the saw but will also shorten the life of your saw. However, jigsaws are not incredibly power-hungry tools as long as you’ve got a quality extension cable, you should be fine.

Q. What is SPM?

SPM stands for Strokes Per Minute and describes the number of cuts that your saw will make in a minute. Different materials will require various speeds for cuts that are smooth and effective. While a very dense wood will react better to higher rates, metals will need a slower speed.

An SPM sets the tool a risk of vibration and generally requires vibration technologies to control those rates entirely or a heavier device.

Q. What’s an orbital setting?

Orbital settings utilize materials that will react better to degrees of action. Although it’s not recommended for hard metals or very precise cuts settings, allow for better control over your Jigsaw and how it connects with the materials you are working.

Q. What’s the significance of the Voltage/AMP?

Voltage is that thing which you use when dealing with cordless jigsaws, 18V is going to be sufficient for most jobs at the cordless end.

AMP stands for amplifier and is related to the general energy of a corded saw. The higher a saw’s AMP, the more power it can put behind every stroke. These numbers typically range from 4-7. 5 usually are enough for all but the hardest materials you can expect to cut.

Q. Do I need a circular saw or a jigsaw?

Jigsaw is a more versatile tool, but it can still be inferior to a circular saw in specific situations. Most tasks seem to land in favor of the decoration, although making straight cuts is not suggested for a jigsaw, of course.

If you’re a DIY type, it is safe to say the Jigsaw will be a tool for most of your projects.

Q. What is a Saber Saw?

A jigsaw was known as a saber saw, and every once in a while, they still are. A few claimed a now rare feature of a blade top knob is what distinguished a saber saw from a jigsaw, but that doesn’t appear to be valid upon examination. For all purposes and intents, the words are interchangeable with each other.

Q. Do I need a dust blower or LED light?

LED lights and dust blowers are both examples of features that every come in handy. There are gimmicky add-ons that you’ll probably never use — but there’s a reason LED and dust blowing features pop up on gear these days—a good deal of people like them. I wouldn’t purchase their inclusion, but they can be a fantastic bonus.

A cut is a cut that is not perpendicular to the surface of the cut material. Many saws allow you to modify the angle of the blade to achieve cuts, while usually, the Jigsaw is operated to its foundation. Some make this procedure more comfortable than others.

This can be a feature that is useful when working inside cupboards or other spaces that require a sharp angle.

Q. What is a Straight Reciprocating Jigsaw?

A straight reciprocating jigsaw is what the majority of people would consider as the “basic” or “standard” jigsaw. The name of this saw just means that the blade goes back and forth as you use it. This gives a distinct advantage to the saw through hard material before the saw even entirely gets there.

More than just with how easy it is to complete your projects helping, it is also very precise, allowing for detail work. These versions are usually a bit less expensive than orbital jigsaws.

Q. What is an Orbital Jigsaw?

An orbital jigsaw does keep the up and down motion of a straight reciprocating jigsaw but saws backward and forwards also. This produces a cut, allowing for additional power that makes saws perfect for the material.

This type of saw also makes it possible to by clearing any debris (such as sawdust) as you cut, which lets you cut faster than you would without an orbital jigsaw.

Q. What Jigsaw Blade to Cut Kitchen Worktop?

If you’re currently looking to install a kitchen need to cut through your countertop and sink, jigsaws are the ideal tools for the task. They offer higher mobility and allow you to make curved cut-outs in these kinds of projects. While there are lots of blades on the market, the blade to use for this sort of application is a cutting blade that is laminate.

While buying a pack of blades, you should have a look at a special down-cutting laminate blade with approximately eight teeth per inch. These blades are made from flexible, durable metallic alloys like bi-metal or high carbon steel, providing versatility and strength. They are also manufactured to cut on the stroke, letting you cut through the countertop without needing to worry about chipping the surface.

Q. What Jigsaw Blade for Plastic?

To cut through vinyl with a Jigsaw is to use a very lovely, metal-cutting blade for these applications. Ones that are made from a durable alloy such as bi-metal or high carbon steel are expensive than the more blades on the market but would be ideal for the job. When cutting on plastic with this power tool, there are a few things to keep in mind.

To avert chips on the surface, you should try cutting through the base of the workpiece instead of through the top. The second step would be to use painters tape and stick it on the area that you intend to cut.


The main point is that the jigsaw marketplace includes a vast range of versions and prices. There are models made of different substances. Some saws are more tailored for professionals, while others are better suited to amateurs. We have cut it down to the 10 parts that we believe to be the top on the current market, together with the Bosch JS470E, with its features and robust motor, this item is also, by a distance, the best Jigsaw on the market.

We highly rate the Black + Decker BDEJS600C as well, As it provides the power of a saw while being budget-friendly and easy to use. We expect that these top picks will help you on your way to finding the perfect tool to suit your requirements. Use the purchasing guide to assist you in making an educated decision, if among the models that are reviewed don’t match. Good luck with your search!

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