Mid century modern furniture, or “mod” decor, is a furniture style that was first popularized during the 1950s and 1960s. If you’re a fan of older movies or TV shows, you may be able to pinpoint this style intuitively, but you might not know the specific attributes that make it unique. Learn more about this type of furniture and use mid century dining chairs as a versatile accent for any design theme.

What Is Mid Century Decor?

Have you ever wondered what makes this furniture and decor unique? Key points of this design often include the following:

  • Geometric, minimalistic shapes: Mid century furniture utilizes sleek, geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, and circles to create a look of minimalism.
  • Bright colors: Bright accents, whether in throw pillows, wall art, or mid century dining chairs are staple accents of this aesthetic.
  • Wooden furniture: Real wood furniture — especially teak — was a staple of mid century furniture in this period’s heyday.

3 Perks of Using Mid Century Chairs in Your Decor

Dining room chairs go through a lot in their lifetimes: They need to be strong enough to support weight, durable enough to resist spills and stains, and versatile enough to transition with your decor should you choose to redecorate. You can’t go wrong with this style of dining chair for several reasons. Here are a few to consider when you’re shopping for a new set for your dining room or breakfast nook.

1. You Can Find Many Solid Wood Options

You may be pleased to learn that many of our mid century dining chairs are crafted from solid wood. Consider this minimalistic chair that can be used in any room to add a unique vibe to your space.

2. You Can Use Bright Accents

Mid century styles allow for the use of extremely bright colors without looking mismatched or strange. For lovers of color, there’s nothing better than chairs that come in your favorite bright hue. Classic mid century designs may have embraced red, yellow, or even pink chairs as a part of an everyday dining theme — and twenty-first-century mod designs allow you to replicate this look in your home.

3. You Can Mix Mid Century Classics With Twenty-First Century Decor

Mid century dining chairs can be used with several decor themes. In other words, you don’t have to recreate the set of your favorite 1960s TV show in your dining room to help your new chairs fit into your home. Because most mid century designs are understated rather than ornate, they can blend in with any style.

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