America’s burglary rate remains high at 314.2 per 100,000 people. With so many robberies happening across the country, it’s more important than ever to invest in better home security.

Too many of us haven’t prioritised making our homes more secure, which puts us at higher risk. Those with better home security are statistically much less likely to fall victim to thieves.

From deterring robbers to creating evidence, implementing home security measures is a must in modern-day America. Here are the five benefits of better home security.

Deterring Burglars

Good home security practices will discourage robbers from choosing your home as a suitable site for stealing. To deter burglars, it’s important that you make your home security efforts visible.

Placing locks – such as those available at – on outhouses, sheds, greenhouses and garages will let robbers know that stealing from you won’t be easy.

Further strengthening your home security with cameras on both the front and back of your home, as well as a sign on the gate warning intruders that you have a dog, create great deterrents that will protect your home.

Creating Evidence

Sadly, not every burglar will be deterred by good home security – and you still may be subjected to a robbery.

Fortunately, it’s easier to be reunited with your stolen goods if you catch criminals in the act. Installing cameras on your property means you can record footage of the crime being committed. This will become important evidence during the police investigation.

Modern doorbells now include cameras that are able to capture a high-quality image of people breaking in through your front door. It’s never been easier to identify a robber – but only with the right home security in place.

Lowering Insurance

Insurance providers acknowledge that homes with good security systems are less likely to be robbed. Noting this fact, they offer discounted insurance rates for such homeowners – meaning you’ll pay less on home and contents insurance.

While home security improvements cost money, you’ll make the money back when factoring in the decades of cheaper insurance.

Providing Peace of Mind

Smart home security enables you to see your property when you’re away from home. The ability to check in on your house at any time provides peace of mind. This is especially desirable for those times when you’re not at home for longer periods, such as days in the office and holidays.

With smart technology, you simply open the app, check on your home and relax in the knowledge that everything is safe and secure.

Alerting You and Your Neighbours

If your home and belongings are at risk, modern home security systems alert you. This is usually through a mobile app that notifies you of a change in circumstance at your property.

Being immediately alerted about an issue means that you can act quickly – calling the police and catching criminals before they’ve had a chance to flee.

Installing alarms at your home is also beneficial because it alerts your neighbours, who can call the police on your behalf.

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