When ranking the most important components of a home’s structure, the roof is oftentimes second to none. It helps protect your family and belongings from harsh weather conditions, wild animals, and even potential intruders. But just like many other parts of any home, the roof is not immune to certain problems as it nears the end of its lifespan.
That is why selecting the right roofing company is paramount when it comes to ensuring the longevity and durability of your roof. A reputable roofing partner not only addresses immediate concerns but also provides solutions that stand the test of time. Choice Roofing Care emerges as a trusted partner in this regard. Deeply rooted in Texas, they are attuned to the local needs. Their credentials are impeccable, being licensed, bonded, and insured, which showcases their commitment to quality and dependability. What sets them apart is their exceptional warranty, backed by their Master Elite Certification from GAF. This means that both materials and workmanship come with a noteworthy 50-year guarantee, almost like a lifetime assurance. With trusted roofing partners, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in precision, expertise, and the long-term protection of your prime asset.

Read on as we discuss five common roof problems homeowners face, alongside some tips on what you can do about them.

1. Leaks

Leaks are one of the most common roof problems faced by homeowners. Oftentimes, it’s usually a sign that your roofing material has a hole or crack allowing water to seep through.

Roof leaks not only make your property prone to water damage, but can lead to significant issues like mold, rotting on wooden framing, and even electrical problems if not resolved promptly.

From sealants to replacing missing shingles, there are various ways to fix a roof leak. And while you can attempt to locate and fix minor leaks DIY, it’s often a better choice to call a professional roofer for major leaks.

If you want to check yourself first before calling for help, you can climb up into the attic space during a rainstorm with a flashlight and look for active dripping water or wet spots on the ceiling.

2. Poor Installation

Another widespread problem occurs when roofs are not installed correctly by contractors. Likewise, a host of problems could result when installation was done by DIY roofing enthusiasts who lack adequate experience or fail to follow standardized procedures. This often leads to structural damage like cracks in tiles or shingles that allow water leakage during rainfall events.

A poorly constructed roof may also deteriorate much faster than it should due to insufficient ventilation and insulation.

If you’re noticing signs of poor installation such as curling shingles or tiles with cracks running through them, then contact professional roofing experts right away. They’ll help assess how badly damaged your roof is before recommending any necessary repairs.

3. Overhanging Tree Limbs

Overhanging tree limbs can cause various treacherous problems for your home’s rooftop. Such may include scratching and puncturing shingle materials. They could also invite pests like squirrels and raccoons onto the property, which can tear up flashings around chimneys.

Moreover, large boughs can even break in a storm and fall onto the roof, causing costly damage to the home’s structure.

With this in mind, consider protecting your roof by regularly trimming back overhanging trees. Consider hiring a professional arborist for this task as they have the right equipment and expertise needed, making it safer for you and your roof.

4. Ice Damming

If you live in an area with cold winters, one of the common problems you could face is ice damming. This occurs when water freezes at the edge of your roof, creating a wall that blocks melting snow from flowing off safely. Consequently, these blocked spots result in accumulated standing water that eventually seeps into shingles’ cracks.

To prevent ice damming during winter weather extremes, pay attention if there are signs of icicles forming or significant snow buildup near gutters and edges of your roof. If there are no means to remove it safely yourself with hand tools like a rake or scraper blade on a pole – consider contacting contractors who specialize in mitigating ice dams.

5. Blistering

Last but not least, another frequent problem experienced by homeowners during hot seasons is blistering. This can cause unsightly bumps on asphalt shingles and may even lead to tears or cracks on surfaces. It’s usually caused by expansion-related stress after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or extreme temperature fluctuation.

If you notice abnormal lumps or distortions on shingle tabs under direct sunlight, it could be a sign that blistering has set in. This prompts seeking expert advice immediately from an experienced roofing company to repair any present damages and prevent costly repairs later on.

Hiring a Roof Repair Company, e.g. in Denver

For most if not all roofing problems, the best solution is usually to enlist a reliable local roofer. If your home is in Colorado’s capital, for instance, you’d be better off hiring a company that’s reputed for quality Denver roof repairs, replacement, and installation services. Besides their experience, and reputation for quality work, it’s also crucial to ensure they:

  • Are licensed and certified
  • Are insured and properly bonded
  • Provide workmanship guarantee
  • Provide competitive pricing

A healthy and sturdy roof ensures that your home provides safety, security, warmth, and comfort to residents inside. So when problems arise with your roofs, it’s important to get help promptly from qualified professionals before significant damage takes place over time.

It’s also advisable to keep up with your home’s roof maintenance and have professionals assess it regularly to prevent future damage.

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