Struggle with making a catchy home tour video? Our experts understand your challenges and have prepared a shortlist of tips to craft perfect real estate footage. Why do people create this video type? We live in a digitized world where people can obtain information via the Internet.

With a home tour video published on the real estate website, tenants can view the house and not waste time visiting the place. It’s a great solution that will save you time and effort and help showcase your property in the real estate market. So read on and find creative ideas for making a fascinating home tour video.

How to Create an Amazing Virtual Home Tour

A home tour video advertises your property, giving it a competitive edge in the market. It may be hard to impress the audience and beat competitors, but we hope these pieces of advice will assist you a lot. We know how to film a high-quality home tour and are ready to share with you all the secrets.

#1 Get Ready for the Shooting

The first thing any property owner should do before filing the home tour is thorough preparation. It’d be great to stage the property, clean the house, and remove all the unnecessary items. Make your house appealing, and consider redecorating and rearranging if it will make your property look better.

The preparation process also includes mapping a route for shooting. You should decide in advance how you will move around the house when filing a tour. All the doors and curtains should be opened so that you move smoothly. You can use a phone camera or a separate camera. There should be any distracting noises. You can use a little mic to speak while filming or add a voice-over while editing.

#2 Ensure Good Lightning

Proper lighting is key to a home tour video success. You should turn all the lights on and open all the curtains, but it’s essential to achieve light balance. Try to film a home tour on a sunny day when natural light will create a cozy atmosphere in your apartments.

Moreover, capture exterior settings in good weather too. Make sure the outdoor area is neat and clean. You may even paint fences, plant flowers, mow the grass, and more if needed. So now you know that gloomy and dark scenes will discourage possible tenants and buyers.

#3 Showcase Unique Features

We are sure that your house has fascinating features to focus on in your tour video. You should pay attention to details that convey the vibe of your home. It may be a unique clock, painting, fireplace, wooden stairs, embroidered pillows, modern furniture, etc.

Plain walls and poor-quality furniture are less likely to impress viewers and make them buy your house. But if you present them in your video effectively, adding effects and music, telling a story, and setting a reasonable price, you may find your buyer.

Another important tip is what not to include in your real estate tour. Avoid reflective surfaces, shadows, fast and shart movements, and careless shooting.

#4 Make the Video Interactive

Property owners can add an element of interactivity to their home tour videos and attract the viewers’ attention. Modern technologies will make your tour video impressive, so don’t hesitate to spend time creating panoramas, 360-degree tours, 3D virtual tours, and more.

In order to achieve great results, you should acquire a 360-degree camera. There are also special editing tools that will help you arrange the photos in a virtual 3D tour.

Interactive home tour video allows people to control the viewing process. They can zoom in, look around, and navigate your house to explore whatever details they need. You can provide your customers with an above-average image of rooms and spark their interest.

#5 Make Your Story Short and Accessible

You should tell a story in your home tour video. It should be engaging and short. When editing the video, remove the unnecessary footage and make the tour dynamic. The best length for a home tour video is up to ten minutes. You can publish such content on social media and attract more viewers. If you want to make the video more accessible, you can resize video online and promote it on different platforms.


An well-prepared interactive home tour video with good lighting and unique features will gain the audiences’ attention. If you edit your video properly, making a concise story complemented by engaging background music, they will remember your tour and want to visit this place.

Do not neglect exterior shots and give people a comprehensive picture of the surrounding neighborhood highlighting its benefits. We hope these tips will help you generate a wonderful real estate tour video and advertise your property successfully.

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