So you’re ready to leave your rental property and move on to a different one, but there’s a lot of things you need to tick off your list before doing so. One of those chores – cleaning, washing clothes and dishes. Making sure the house is left clean and tidy when you vacate is necessary for any circumstances. End of tenancy cleaning is really important for several reasons. Take a look below at some of the advantages of getting end of tenancy cleaning to ensure that you’ll get your deposit back.

It sets the tone for how you expect the house to be kept

When your new tenants arrive at their new home and it’s sparkling clean, so if you’re a landlord you’re setting the expectations for how you expect the house to look and be kept. To create the best first impression possible, show your new tenants what the house looks like when it’s clean and tidy and they will be inclined to keep it this way.

Also, when it comes to the tenants moving out of the property, they will know what you see as a good level of cleanliness because they’ve seen how the property was when they first moved in.

Nobody wants to arrive to a messy home

Moving house is stressful enough, let alone arriving at an unclean home. You’ve got boxes and items everywhere, you don’t want to have to be cleaning around these too. By putting yourself in the shoes of your tenants, you will quickly realise that entering a house that has been properly cleaned is much nicer than entering one that hasn’t.

Professional cleaning will remove any lingering bacteria or germs

When you get professional cleaners in to complete the end of tenancy cleaning for you, it’s more than just a deep clean. Instead, it’s an extremely high quality clean which gets rid of any bacteria or germs which may have been stuck in areas like your carpets and window ledges. Carpets can act as a trap to germs and dirt can linger in them unless completely cleaned with an industry-standard carpet cleaner. This is even more important while Covid-19 is still prevalent. It’s key the house is completely clean and bacteria-free for the new tenants for when they move in.

A deep clean is needed for places which usually would be forgotten about

When you do a usual clean of your home, you’re probably cleaning all of the areas on show; your work surfaces, floors and bathrooms. However, when you vacate the property, a surface-level clean isn’t good enough. The whole house needs to undergo a deep clean. Skirting boards and windows are an area we often forget to clean regularly. Kitchens tend to be the worst for having hard to clean areas in them, like the oven and extractor fans. Don’t neglect any area in your home, and you can start cleaning some things well in advance of your actual move out date.

Leaves a good impression

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, keeping and leaving the house in great condition leaves a lasting impression. As a landlord, if your tenants are happy, they might recommend you to others. If you’re a tenant, your landlord may be less inclined to withhold your deposit. There can be a lot of sleepless nights when tenants are worried about getting their deposit back, but making sure your home has had a deep clean before moving out is one of the easiest ways to guarantee that you’ll get your money back. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so landlords make sure the property is completely clean before moving any new tenants in.

End of tenancy cleaning is vital

Here it is.

Cleaning a house at the end of its tenancy can be a real hassle, and can often get pushed to the bottom of the list compared to other higher priority tasks. Sometimes you might not have time to fully clean the property yourself before vacating it, so it’s okay to ask for help from a professional cleaning service like eMaids Cleaning Service of NYC that will give you more than satisfactory service. This way, you can remove all the stress, hassle and time that cleaning it yourself would have taken you. Instead, focus on things that matter most to you.

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