If you’re in the market for a new living room set, leather furniture is a great option. It looks great and lasts for years. It can stand up to wear and tear that other types of furniture simply can’t handle. Also, leather is easy to clean and maintain.

In fact, Americans are leading the adoption of recliner sofas worldwide now, contributing 32% to the global pie. It is projected to touch US$ 8345 million by 2026. That’s a lot of leather recliners across living rooms. They definitely are not going out of style in the near future.

Here are five reasons why we think investing in some leather furniture, like an armchair, makes sense for your living room. You can browse some great leather furniture options online, too, to get a better idea of what will suit your requirements.

1. Leather Furniture Is a Good Investment

When you buy leather furniture, you’re making an investment that lasts for years to come.

Leather furniture has an elegant look that instantly adds class to any room in your house. If your family has leather furniture passed down from previous generations or if you’ve inherited some from your grandparents, you know what we mean.

The leather goods market is projected to touch US$ 122790 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3.6% from 2023-26. In simple numbers, this means the market is far from saturated and will grow at a moderate but healthy rate over the next few years. Rest easy knowing you have acquired a valuable asset.

Instead of wearing out over time, leather just gets softer with age. Unlike fabric upholstery that needs to be cleaned regularly and often replaced every few years as it starts fading away due to sunlight exposure, genuine leather only gets better over time. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want their living room décor to grow along with them while they’re living in their home.

2. Leather Furniture Is Easy to Clean

Leather furniture is easy to clean and maintain. The only thing you need to worry about is keeping it dry, but if you do that, leather will last for decades.

You can clean leather with a damp cloth or a slightly dampened sponge. Make sure not to leave water on it for too long.

If there’s dust on your furniture, just wipe it off with a dry cloth. You should also invest in some kind of conditioner occasionally to keep your vintage leather piece looking good over time.

3. Leather Furniture Lasts Long

You can rest assured that your leather furniture will stand the test of time. The material itself is durable and easy to repair, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

If you are looking for artificial leather, make sure what kind it is. Pigmented leather is the most durable kind. Aniline leather is less durable but more natural looking.

If anything does happen, it won’t cost much to get it fixed or reupholstered. You can easily repair scratches on your leather furniture by using a small piece of beeswax and working into the scratch with a cheese grater or nail file. This will help fill in any gaps left behind by tiny scratches and make them less noticeable when they are filled up with wear over time too.

4. Leather Furniture Can Be Easily Repaired

Leather is a durable material that can be easily repaired. If you have small holes or tears in your leather furniture, don’t throw it away. There are many ways to repair them and restore the beauty of your furniture.

Large holes, like those made by pets’ claws or chewed up by babies, should be taken care of right away, so they don’t get any bigger. One way to do so is by using a leather repair kit that contains everything you need to fix larger holes and tears

5. Leather Furniture Looks Great in All Homes

Leather furniture can be used in any style of home. Whether you live in a modern loft downtown with high ceilings and concrete walls, or prefer more rustic decor with wood accents throughout your country farmhouse, leather furniture will fit right into either setting.

Leather furniture looks great in any home, no matter what style you’re going for, since there are multiple ways that leather can be used – from upholstered chairs and sectionals to couches and even sofas with tufted backs. Its neutral yet chic look makes it easy to pair with other pieces, from wood tables and end tables to metal lamps.

No matter what shade of paint you choose for your walls or how many floral prints adorn them, there’s always something about black or brown that makes everything seem cooler than normal.

After you have had a chance to look at the reasons why leather furniture is a great option for your living room, we think it’s time that you start shopping around. You may be surprised at how many different styles of leather couches or recliners there are out there. Go ahead and explore all of your options before making any final decisions on what type will work best for your home.

Levi Huang

Levi Huang, a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Furniture Design, has been a guiding voice in home furnishing and interior solutions for over 16 years. He became part of our editorial team in 2021, focusing on ergonomic furniture design, space planning, and material innovation. Previously, Levi worked in custom furniture creation and as an interior design consultant. He enjoys woodworking and contributing to sustainable living initiatives.

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