The living room is undoubtedly one of the most important sections of the home. One key aspect of the functionality of living rooms involves incorporating them with smart living home design ideas.

The reason is that these home décor ideas help us make the most of our time in the living rooms. Whether your living room serves as an office space, a family room or any other set-up, it’s crucial to set it up correctly. We noticed that many people struggle with aesthetic rooms with led lights.

Fortunately, this guide identifies a few helpful living room make-over tips to help get you started with this process:

Idea #1. Seek Inspiration From Nature


Nature is an excellent home design inspiration living when you don’t know where to start. You can use ideas from beautiful landscapes and environments as solutions for complementing the quality of your interior space and layout.

And while green is beautiful, there are various practical and rich color themes you can consider for your living room. Stop focusing on the flowers, trees or foliage alone.

Instead, consider shifting your focus to all the natural elements unrelated to plant life. Aspects such as rock formations and animal traits can also be excellent sources of inspiration.

Idea #2. Create a conversation area


A cool relaxing conversation area can add so much to your living room. It provides the perfect setting to engage with your family, visitors, and friends to engage or relax during your free time.

Additionally, it is where you can put the most effort into expressing your individuality and style needs. If you want to improve your conversation room, consider adding items that help reduce the TV’s focus. A few helpful suggestions can include:

  • Try adding a portable or small beverage area in the living room.
  • Set board games such as ping pong and chess in the living area.
  • Invest in customized seating solutions for your living room or some led fairy lights.
  • Set artwork, magazines or books that are interesting.
  • Add led lights for room with customized features.

Idea #3. Choose Bright Colors to Make The Space Welcoming


A new color scheme is just the perfect tonic you can use to instantly transform your living space. Even though a neutral room scheme provides you with a blank canvas, there is a lot that warm colors can provide for your living space.

Using different shades of color can provide an uplifting or calming effect. If you plan on starting with neutral colors, consider using gray walls, which provide the perfect palette for customizing the color of your space.

Idea #4. Create an Accent Wall with Art


Accent walls are back with a bang and are much more unique than ever, especially for smart living ideas. Mixing, texture, color and tone allows you to create an epic setting that becomes the centerpiece of your living space.

The best way to combine all these elements is to incorporate your living space with some art and led string lights. The key to success is ensuring the art you use blends with the color scheme you had picked earlier. You can even complement the art accent wall with some circles, stripes, fairy lights, and chevrons.

If you decide to keep your walls neutral or white but still prefer a splash of color, consider displaying artwork in the living room that contrasts the color in the picture or painting to bring the entire wall to life.

Idea #5. Use Lighting for a Cozy Effect


With all the activities in the living room, it’s clear that you need resources that help make your space more cozy. Specifically, resources such as lighting can be crucial for its functionality. The key to success is to choose the right type of light for your needs.

A good example would be the Ollny 100 LED Globe light, which offers a sharp contrast to most interior design backgrounds. The result is that you have a light that helps to “soften the whole atmosphere” in your interior space. It’s a light with a clear wire which merges with the dark background and will be a stand-out performer.


There are various living make-over ideas that you can use today to achieve a sophisticated and livable appeal. Part of the key to your success is choosing the right lighting, which is crucial for your room’s mood. However, remember to also work on all other aspects we have recommended above.

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