Moving to a new place can be exhilarating, but it comes with its fair share of challenges, especially when you are dealing with many items. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do, particularly during the preparation phase to make the moving day less stressful. With these tips, you can be certain that you will feel more organized and in control during the big day.

Have Key Contacts at Hand

There are a number of key contact numbers that you will want to have at all times as you prepare to move. These include numbers for the removal company, your lawyer as well as real estate agent. You might already have them on your phone, but when you are moving long distance, you never know when your phone may deplete charge and end up struggling with some tasks. So, go old school and write down those numbers on a piece of paper. This will come in handy when you need to split vehicles during the journey, or need to give another party the contact.

Keep Your Phone Fully Charged

Your phone is one of the most essential items during the move as you will have to make a lot of calls and even use it to make important or unexpected payments en route. You will also use it to organize logistics, talk to multiple parties (both at your new and former residence), etc.

So, do not forget to charge it overnight. If your phone does not have a long battery life, get a portable power bank to top up the juice.

Pack a Bag of Essentials

If you are well-prepared, you will have most of your items packed up before the moving day. This makes it important to have a bag of essentials to keep you going until you are fully settled in your new house or apartment. Pack some clothes, toilet paper, toiletries, cleaning essentials, and snacks, enough to last you for a few days. The last thing you want is to unpack during the moving day.

An important thing to remember, whether you’re moving on your own or with the help of a removal company, is to keep important documentation and valuables separate and safe from the rest of your possessions. This will help avoid losing or damaging items that are hard to replace.

Pack Your Items Securely and Label the Boxes

If you considered leaving your former residence overwhelming, just wait until you get to your new one. It does not matter whether you do the job yourself or with a removal company, the fact remains- you will have numerous boxes to sort through. 4 wall gaylord boxes for sale are ideal for moving house. It is advisable to be organized from the start. This involves packing your items securely in boxes and labeling them appropriately. This will ensure proper handling and that every box is put in the appropriate room.

Don’t Forget the Meter Readings

This is one of those things that many people forget, especially if they are in a hurry or were not well prepared. However, you’ll be required to take meter readings and send them to your utility suppliers. Chances are you will use the electricity, gas, and water during the morning of the move, so take the readings once you have showered and are ready for relocation. If you keep this in mind, you will be handing over your keys to the owner or landlord in no time and be on your way.

Moving to a new place can be stressful, especially if you are dealing with a large household. However, if you implement the tips mentioned above and hire professionals, the process might just be smoother than you thought. When it’s all done kick back and relax in your favourite chair or garden hammock and enjoy

Zoe Johnson

Zoe Johnson, with a Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan, has been an expert in relocation and moving strategies for 15 years. She became part of our platform, offering guidance on stress-free moving, efficient packing, and adapting to new environments. Zoe’s previous experience includes working in relocation services and as a personal organizer. She enjoys hiking and is actively involved in community volunteer work. Outside of work, Zoe is a DIY enthusiast and participates in local upcycling projects.

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