Constant exposure to bright colors depresses the psyche or, conversely, causes overexcitation (particularly in youngsters), but this is not a reason to avoid them entirely. You only need to incorporate it into the decor in little doses, such as accent elements.

We will explain how to add brightness to an existing room without overdoing it below. Let’s dive in!

Order a flower subscription

Flowers may soothe or energise us, depending on our moods and sentiments. The color of the plant is one of the primary techniques of making such an effect.

Varieties of blue, purple, and lilac are commonly used in lounges. They will make you feel at ease and assist you in falling asleep; you will be well rested as a result. Tropical flowers in yellow, red, and orange can be used in the living room or home office. They will provide a boost of energy and a joyful attitude, as well as promote activity and efficiency.

One of the main rules is moderation. It is not necessary to fill all the free space with bouquets. Flowers should accentuate or emphasize, but not overwhelm the interior ensemble. For example, a bunch of roses in the living room will suffice.

Floristry is a whole art, and it is impossible to teach all the principles of floral decor with the help of an article. Therefore, for those who want to set accents in the house and create a festive atmosphere, we recommend that you turn to flower delivery.

Try furniture modification

An incredible effect can be created by coloring furniture legs. Choose one of the vibrant colors and get to work. The room will become more fun and original. And if you have a bed without a headboard, then it can be replaced. As in the first case, just paint the part of the wall where it should be located, or replace it with any interesting decor items.

Hang bright curtains

Over time, beautiful and attractive curtains become old, faded, and also out of fashion. This is one of the key ways to transform a room. Now old-fashioned weighty curtains are no longer relevant, the Scandinavian style is gaining great popularity – no curtains at all to fill the room with natural light. If you are not so ready for changes, then just get a new bright model.

Fill open shelves

Arrange beautiful large plates vertically behind deep bowls and mugs to brighten up a plain wall. A lush flower in a pot will also revive the whole composition.

Get the iconic art object

If you don’t feel like messing around with curtains, then here’s a much more creative option for you – a picture painted by yourself. You can create not one, but several small works, and make up a whole gallery. Buy a canvas, acrylic paints if you don’t already have them, and go!

Although, of course, no one stops you from taking the finished picture in the desired shades. Since we consider it as a color spot in the interior, it is better for the plot to be abstract.

What color combinations to use?

  • Fuchsia and olive

When choosing a combination, it is important to consider your own temperament. Let’s say olive and fuchsia are a combination for lovers of life, a bright and cheerful pair of colors.

In the case when you don’t want to overload the white interior, one bright fuchsia-colored detail and a large-leaved plant of a juicy shade will work great. Or a freshly cut bouquet in a green vase. The idea is suitable for the kitchen, and for the bedroom, and for the living room.

  • Yellow and purple

This pair is best used in a light interior of muted tones, without a pronounced contrast.

The combination looks very calm when slightly clarified purple prevails, and yellow is used in small quantities when there is little sun.

  • Carrot and blue-violet

Another solution for north-facing rooms: blue-violet and yellow-orange or carrot, work well in slightly greyish, cold environments.

You can take them for large volumes, pieces of furniture. In such cases, they attract all attention to themselves and literally build the interior.

  • Turquoise and coral

Red-orange or coral and turquoise is the most tender pair of six in the twelve-part circle. It can be fearlessly used in both white, beige and gray interiors.

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