Windows are a significant element in one’s home. It allows natural light and ventilation into your home’s interiors while completing the overall look of your home. Windows are also designed to perform high-end tasks, from preventing moisture from getting inside to regulating your home’s temperature.

However, over time, windows accumulate dirt and grime, requiring as much care and maintenance as other components in your home. And as such, you may need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them in good and pristine condition. And while cleaning your home’s windows seem an easy task, in some cases, you may also require professional cleaning, especially if much work is needed and you don’t have the time to do the job yourself. You can check online for service providers within your area to learn more about getting window cleaning services.

1. Always Use The Right Cleaner

Window cleaners tend to leave behind a filmy layer on windows. Therefore, it is vital to look for an appropriate window cleaner that can clean your window perfectly. It would be ideal to use constructed cleaners primarily designed for glass surfaces as they can offer maximum protection to your window.

On the other hand, you may also consider using homemade solutions as an alternative. For instance, you can use a vinegar and water mixture. A soap dish and water are another concoction ideal for cleaning windows. These DIY mixtures can work as great as those commercialized window cleaners and offer a superior window cleaning experience.

2. Avoid Blades When Cleaning Your Windows

Things such as paint, stickers, and decals can get stuck on your window’s surface. And so, when removing them from your window, it’s recommended to use the right tools. Using a blade or scraper to remove those on your window might not be the best idea as it can cause damage to the surface instead of cleaning them. It may do more harm than good and leave your windows with unwanted scratches.

3. Clean And Lubricate Your Window Tracks

Window tracks are where you can usually find dust and dead insects. Failure to clean them regularly can cause a problem as you open and close the window due to the building up of grime.

Fortunately, cleaning up your window tracks is relatively easy. You may only need a bottle of vinegar, baking soda, and a brush to restore them to their original glory. It’s recommended to perform this cleaning routine on your tracks at least every five to six months. Doing so can help keep the debris from building up.

However, if you still can’t open your window even after cleaning your window tracks, you may need to lubricate them. Spray a silicone-based lubricant onto a clean cloth and wipe down your window tracks to help them operate normally. If the issue persists, you can always contact a window repair expert who can help solve the problem.

4. Wash Window Panes Regularly

To minimize condensation on your window, consider washing the window panes more often. This is one of the simplest and most effective tasks when cleaning your window, as it helps remove condensation forming on your window while reducing the amount of moisture sneaking into it. When cleaning your windowpane, consider using a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner since rough items, such as steel wool or sponge, can cause scratches or damage to the glass panes.

You can include this task in your weekly home chores. However, you might not need to regularly clean the outside of your windowpane as you can wipe it at least once a month.

5. Choose The Perfect Time To Clean Your Window

Man in casual clothes washing window glass at home. man’s hand wipes the window with a blue cleaning sponge

The time you choose to clean your window can impact how effective the cleaning process will be. For instance, when cleaning during a hot sunny day, your cleaner will likely dry faster before you can wipe it away. It could then leave streaks on your window. On the other hand, rainy days can create spots on your window after cleaning.

That said, it may be best to clean your window when the weather is moderate. You want to ensure it’s not on a sunny or rainy day.

6. Clean Your Window Screens

Aside from cleaning your window, you may also need to clean your curtains, blinds, frames, and screens. Dirty window screens can transfer dirt and dust to your window surface, making it grimy even after every cleaning session. Cleaning your window screens along with the blinds and curtains can enhance your window’s look while leaving it clean for a long time.


It’s with no surprise window cleaning is one of the most disliked household chores. Besides being a tedious task, some homeowners also tend to implement tiresome strategies when cleaning their windows. However, by following the tips discussed in this article, cleaning and maintaining your window can become easy, leaving your windows sparkling clean in no time.

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