Most American homes have garages, but homeowners often use them as storage areas rather than parking spaces. Whatever the size of the space, you may end up filling it to the brim with items like old furniture, gardening tools, and outdated sporting equipment. According to a survey, 36% of Americans believe that their garage is full of clutter.

Even if you keep the extra stuff out of the area, you may want to refurbish it at some point. Like any other part of your home, your garage deserves renovation every few years. You may get complacent about the project because it doesn’t affect liveability or aesthetics. However, garage renovation can enhance curb appeal and improve the functionality of your exterior space.

The next time you feel like delaying a garage makeover project, you can check this helpful guide for a quick job.

Start With a Declutter Project

Did you know that four in five Americans have a cleaning black hole in their home? That’s a place where every useless item in a house goes. For most homeowners, the garage bears the brunt of the clutter in their homes. The simplest way to start a makeover for your garage is by decluttering it. Utilize a weekend to check the stuff and segregate the items you no longer need.

You will probably feel tempted to retain many things, but it will only compound the mess as more clutter accumulates. Consider giving away things in good condition and recycling what can be recycled. Also, commit to regular cleaning and organizing sprees for your garage despite your busy schedule.

Dedicate Specific Zones

If you are pressed for time yet want a well-maintained garage space, organization can be your savior. Try zoning out your space by dedicating different areas for diverse items.

For example, you can create the following zones:

  • Parking for your cars (that’s obvious)
  • Set up a workbench for your DIY tools and crafts
  • Choose an accessible corner for kids’ sporting equipment
  • Install a cabinet or shelf for lawn equipment
  • Set aside a corner for lawn furniture storage

You need to be creative to maximize the available area and choose the best spots for specific things. Ensure that everything is placed in a flow, making things easy to locate and access.

Install a New Garage Door

Surveys show that garage doors and new roofing are the two renovation elements with 100% return on investments. A new garage door is a worthy investment for a quick makeover, even if it costs a bit. It boosts the curb appeal and makes a great first impression, whether you want to flaunt your house or list it for sale.

Atlantic Ocean Group notes that homeowners should look for signs showing that their garage door needs repair and replacement. You shouldn’t overlook these red flags because timely repairs can save you from expensive replacements in the long run. At times, replacement makes sense for aesthetics and value addition, so you shouldn’t skimp on it.

While looking for a replacement, check factors such as material type, quality, and design. Also, get experts to handle the job quickly and effortlessly.

Maximize Storage

A quick garage makeover is also about maximizing storage inside the space. You cannot do much about the extra stuff landing in your parking area because your living space will always fall short of storage. When the season changes, you may also have to move your outdoor furniture inside the garage to protect it from the extreme heat, cold, and rain.

Implementing storage solutions is a wise renovation move. You can try the following ideas to maximize the available space for storage and organization:

  • Shelves
  • Racks
  • Cabinets
  • Bins
  • Linking systems

With these smart solutions, you can double the garage size and use the additional space for functional purposes.

Adopt a Maintenance Schedule

According to 2022 statistics, American homeowners spent an average of $6,000 on home maintenance and repairs. That’s a lot of money, but people often miss out on outdoor spaces in this context. As a busy person, you may hardly find time to declutter and reorganize your garage. But leaving things to chance means you will surely need a major makeover sooner rather than later.

Adopting a realistic maintenance schedule keeps you in control and prevents frequent expenses on repairs and replacements. Being an outdoor area, your garage may actually require regular and diligent care. Set aside time each week or month to clean, declutter, and inspect the place. Organize stuff yourself or call an expert for the necessary jobs.

Key Takeaways

Time constraints are a reality most Americans have to live with. You may fall short of time to maintain your living space. The exteriors often suffer from neglect because they do not contribute much to your lifestyle.

However, a garage makeover can improve the curb appeal, functionality, and value of your property. Try these quick and actionable ideas to give it a quick and easy refresh.

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