Most of the home heating systems available in the market operate either on fire or convert electricity into heat. On the contrary, the air source heat pumps used for home heating don’t generate heat. At the same time, high-quality heating systems like the Cinergi air source heat pumps move the existing heat energy from the home’s exterior inside. This feature of the heating systems makes them highly efficient.

More energy is delivered when they use the available air energy compared to the electrical energy consumed. The pump system costs less than traditional options since it doesn’t run on fossil fuels.

Working Of The Air Source Heat Pump

Heat pumps like the Cinergi air source heat pump work in a way that can be known as the reverse working of the fridge. The operation is similar to the refrigerator, which helps keep the food cold, whereas the reverse process helps heat the home.

  • The hot air available outside is blown to the network of tubes filled with the liquid. This warm liquid then turns into gas.
  • The gas passes through the compressor, which helps increase the pressure. The compression procedure helps add more heat, like warming the air hose when air pressure increases in the tires.
  • The hot, compressed gasses get transferred into a heat exchanger, surrounded by water or cool air. This heat shifts from outside to inside the home. It is circulated throughout the space, increasing the temperature. Then the refrigerant gets condensed back into a cool liquid, and the same cycle repeats.

Using Air Source Heat Pump At Home

It is the best and a highly cost-effective system that helps warm the home and water. There are some pointers you should consider when using the same.

Radiators And Air Source Heat Pump

When you have radiators installed at your home and you plan to switch from a gas-fired system to another heating system option, you may have to look for some ample radiator options to keep your space toasty and warm.

Air Source Heat Pump For Heating

These pumps are ideal heating system options for your home when there is not much difference between the inside and outside temperature. This feature makes them a perfect option to be used as the underfloor heating system. The floors usually cover an area much bigger than the radiators; hence they are not required to get heated much to offer warmth to the space.

The output of the air source pumps is less, meaning they cannot deliver all the heat instantly and as required. They are the best option for heating your space slowly and steadily and keeping it warm for longer.

Air Source Heat Pump For Hot Water

If you are looking for hot water, the air source pump is the best source for it. Though, you should know that the water is not as hot as that comes from the boiler. If you run a tap, you will have to put less water from the cool tap and more from the hot water tap. Additionally, you will need a big hot water tank to cater to your needs.


If you want your space to work with a heat pump, you will need some adjustments here and there. These pumps are best for people looking for energy-efficient solutions in areas that stay cool all year long. After considering the cost and other factors, you can decide what suits your needs.

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