Living in a house lacking natural light can be challenging if you love the light and airy architectural style.

Even if most of your home is well-lit, bringing natural light into a dark room can be difficult. As a consequence, that area may sit unused for extended periods of time.

It is possible to add windows throughout your house to enhance natural light, but this is a costly endeavor. There are far more cost-effective alternatives, even if they just serve to provide the appearance of more natural light.

Ways of Bringing in More Light

You can take specific measures to brighten the interior, such as using mirrors, reflective accessories, doors, windows, etc. Are you thinking of remodeling your doors and windows to bring in more natural light? Visit for some excellent solutions.

Add Shiny Objects and Mirrors

You may have heard that hanging a mirror on a wall may make a room seem larger, but placing one across from a window can also increase the quantity of natural light that enters the space. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces bounce light back into the room. These include decorative wall mirrors, silver photo frames, chrome, glass, or mirrored accent furniture, metallic light faucets and fixtures, nickel cabinet pulls, metallic finishes on the ceiling, and other reflective surfaces.

These objects will assist you in bouncing sunshine throughout your room and brighten whatever area they are placed in.

Select the Right Color Palette

Color can either absorb or reflect light. For example, dark colors will absorb light. Thus, a dark blue room with many windows would seem dark and gloomy compared to a room painted in light tan, or light grey, or even white. In this case, the brighter colors serve as mirrors and reflect light throughout the room.

Do not forget to consider the ceiling. By painting the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls, you will create the illusion that the space is wider, taller, and brighter.

To further increase the reflecting qualities of the surface color, choose a satin, shinier, or semi-gloss paint with a higher shine.

Add New and Accessories Furniture

Switching furniture around or even buying new furniture can make your room bright. Make sure to choose a light color, particularly if you are buying an oversized item such as a couch or sofa, to make your space seem more spacious. Accent items in brighter or richer colors, such as cushions, blankets, smaller furniture, and artwork, can be used to complete the design while keeping the room light and airy overall.

Give It a Paint Job

Overhangs on your house can provide some shelter from the elements when severe weather hits. However, on bright, sunny days, they might act as a barrier to the natural light that should be streaming in through your windows. Painting the overhangs white along the exterior of your house or installing white, maintenance-free aluminum or vinyl siding will allow you to bring more natural light into every room. There is no need to match the other trim since the overhangs are leaned toward the house and will open the door to light inside without sacrificing curb appeal.

Install Larger Doors and Windows

Now can be a great time to consider expanding the openings to allow more natural light into your home. If you want to make a significant impact, use picture, bay, or bow windows. These can be used in combination with operable units to provide plenty of light and ventilation.

Transom or radius windows can be stacked over existing windows to provide more light without compromising privacy.

Replace a solid external door with a patio or garden door to instantly convert any room into a sunroom, while blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living space. Add decorative sidelights to each side of your front entrance to provide additional lighting in your foyer without the need of electricity.

Replace Wall Space with Glass Blocks

If you love the vintage trend, you will like this option. Glass blocks may be used to replace a portion of an external wall. Popular throughout the “Art Deco” periods of the 1920s to 1980s, this modern style is making a return in the fashion world today. New designs include distinctive textures and color shading that can be used to complement any building style.

Also, they let light pass through without interfering with security, privacy, or energy efficiency. For example, suppose you want more light to get into your home’s darkest area. In that case, install these instead of conventional basement windows.

Use Paintings

A big picture or painting can help break up blank wall space, and if you can frame it, you will be able to add another semi-reflective finish to your walls. A lighter and brighter piece will, without a doubt, assist you in simulating natural light better. An all-white frame is definitely your best option, particularly if your room is already decorated with white walls.

Add Skylights

Skylights can be a unique and efficient method of bringing natural light into your house from the outside. They are often seen in high-traffic areas such as restrooms and family rooms in various sizes and layouts.

However, this is a task that you should hire a professional to do since you will need to cut a hole in the roof, construct a skylight well, and then install the skylight to fit appropriately. Skylights are the ultimate “light magnet,” allowing in not just natural light but also the possibility of saving money on your electricity bill under a full moon.

Install Solar Tubes

Do not have to worry if you live in an apartment and cannot set up a skylight. Instead, just build a solar tube. These amazing reflecting pipes can go as far as thirty feet from the roof to the ceiling, bringing natural light from the surrounding area. They are available in diameters ranging from ten to fourteen inches. They do not require a significant renovation of the paint, drywall, or structural elements.

The lighting provided by the smallest tube is equivalent to that provided by three 100-watt incandescent lights. House upgrades like solar tubes and skylights are excellent eco-friendly options for brightening areas of your home where natural light is essential.

Clean the Windows

Even though it might quite seem obvious, properly cleaning your windows and glass doors, both inside and outside will guarantee that the greatest amount of sunshine is allowed to pass through the glass and shine throughout your living space. If you think your windows might not be that dirty, you are wrong. Cleaning the windows can have a drastic difference.

Do Not Forget the Floor

You might never have thought your floor to be a source of light, but a polished wood, ceramic, or stone floor will reflect more light and provide the most amount of reflection. Keep your color choices to light hues or neutral tones, and your interiors will shine. Likewise, you can select light, neutral colors for carpeting in areas where it is ideal to use.

Use Reflective Backsplash Tiles

Bathroom and kitchen backsplashes are pretty fashionable right now. With the vast options available, you will have no difficulty choosing something that complements your décor. Glass tiles are a fantastic alternative to ceramic tiles in many situations. Recycled glass tiles are more environmentally friendly than ceramic tiles. Their somewhat translucent qualities reflect as much light as mirrors. They are also more stain and mold-resistant than ceramic tiles.

If you want the most reflection possible, choose high-gloss ceramic tiles, such as the famous subway tiles or metallic tiles.

Trim Greeneries

Landscaping and trees in the vicinity of your house improve the appearance and provide a welcoming curb appeal. Of course, as the number of trees outside increases, the amount of light inside decreases. Remove tree limbs, bushes, and climbing vines that are obstructing windows or doors.

Consider substituting low-lying perennials for blooming annuals in areas where overgrown plants are present to maintain an unobstructed view and allow natural light to stream in.


More natural light in a gloomy space is not always straightforward. However, it is possible with some smart design and decorating ideas and skills.

The most important thing to remember is to bring light into the space by using light and bright colors. Otherwise, no matter how many mirrors you angle or floor lights you place in the room, the room will continue to seem gloomy.

We may take our natural resources for granted, such as sunshine. However, let us make a conscious effort to integrate it into our homes. We will see a positive difference in our spirit, health, financial situation, and overall quality of life.

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