Traditional locks with a lock and key model are getting outdated with the onslaught of technology in today’s world. Now more people are adopting smart keyless door locks or automatic appliances like r22 refrigerators that allow users to open and close their doors without any key, not to mention that it provides added security to your places. In today’s world, where everything is going digital, these locks help you to stay updated with modern-day technology and monitor the ins and outs from your places remotely.

Market Overview

With the widespread use of technology, people are embracing smart keyless door locks in great numbers, and the relevant data tells an amazing story. Currently, the smart door lock market stands at $1.4 billion, and with an exponential growth rate of 18.2, it is expected to jump up to $5.28 billion by 2028. These numbers speak volumes about the efficacy of the smart keyless door locks and people’s trust in this technology.


Smart lock doors can assist you in protecting many of your facilities, including:

●      Airbnb Rentals

If you are a property owner looking to rent out your space to someone, using a smart keyless door lock is here to rescue you. With a wifi door lock on your property installed, your customers get greater flexibility, which will help them in recommending your facilities to their relatives and loved ones, hence taking your business to the next level.

●      Home

Smart keyless doors are easy to use in domestic operations as you have no need to carry the keys while leaving your house. Whether you are leaving for your office or a family trip, the smart lock protects your house by providing all the layers of security needed for your houses like Therma tru doors or others You have no need to worry about someone carrying a duplicate key of your lock, not to mention that you can set one-time passwords even that allow you to make your special guests enter the house without any physical key while you are not present at your home.

●      Hotel

Smart keyless door locks take your hotel business to another level by making you the most trustworthy entity in your niche. If you have physical locks installed in your hotels, your customers can worry about their belongings in their rooms, considering the possibility of the duplicate key in someone else’s hand. However, smart locks give your customers a sense of ownership, ultimately taking your business to new heights.

●      Offices

When you leave your offices for a night, you have a lot of wealthy belongings there. And to protect them, you need a quality lock system that does not allow anyone to enter your office without your consent. Smart keyless door locks serve this purpose exactly.

Smonet Door Locks

Just like all other security systems, Smonet has championed smart keyless door locks as well that are here to solve your security problems.

●      Smonet ZNS-H001

With the facility to get installed on both right and left-handed door locks, Smonet ZHS-H001 allows greater flexibility in its usage. It provides you with seven ways to unlock the door, including fingerprint, keypad, Bluetooth, mobile apps, and even mechanical keys. Enjoy great flexibility in locks usage by generating one-time temporary keys up to 500 times.

●       Smonet ZNS-Y001 

Being made of zinc alloy, these locks are corrosion resistant, helping you to save a lot of money in the long run. These locks are fast in their operations, which allows them to read fingerprints in almost 0.5 seconds, hence unlocking the door immediately. With the capability of getting unlocked with a smart app, this smart keyless door lock provides you with five ways to unlock the door, hence adding flexibility in the usage.

●       Smonet SMUS-AM 

If anyone enters the lock more than five times on this door lock, this door will be locked for 5 minutes, hence resisting any possible intrusion attempt. Not only this, this lock allows you to unlock the door with your voice as well, not to mention there are five other ways as well to do so. Now you can create 500 one-time or permanent passcodes which you can share with your guests or friends to enter the house when you are busy somewhere else.

●       Smonet SMUS-MD

Four pcs AA batteries are enough to open this lock almost 5000 times, which reduces your worries for almost six months once you insert these batteries in the lock. This trustworthy Smonet smart lock allows you to voice control options alongside other ways of unlocking the door.


Over the course of the last two decades, Smonet has achieved excellence in the surveillance and monitoring industry that allows users to safeguard their places. Their distinctive feature is their ability to constantly upgrade themselves, which helps them provide up-to-date solutions to their global users. With quick delivery and after-sale technical support, it is easy for you to maintain the systems after purchases as well. Apart from smart locks, they are championing the market of CCTV cameras, video doorbells, and projectors as well, giving you the one-stop solution for most of your security needs.

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