Modern bathrooms in apartments and private houses no longer look like boring old showers, thanks to quality planning and interior design. Many residential property owners often turn to professional designers who offer them both standard economy-class solutions and unique premium interiors. However, many people prefer to design their own design, and this is where our Bathroom layout planner will help, which works for free online, without the need to overflow the computer’s memory.

What is the result of our bathroom planner and how does it work?

When using kitchen planning and interior design software, the following important features are available to the user, which allow you to create a quality project:

· Drawing a sketch, a plan of the room, taking into account the features of its configuration, area, niches, pilasters, ledges, window, and door openings.

· The purpose of bathroom finishing details is to floor tiles, wall tiles, slatted or other ceilings, with the choice of the most compatible structure and color scheme, arrangement of a technical niche, and selection of its optimal dimensions.

· Arrangement of plumbing breaks in the bathroom – baths, showers, toilets, sinks, faucets, and other equipment, which is selected from the built-in catalog of the online platform.

· Choosing the right furniture for the bathroom, installing mirrors built into the niches of drawers, shelves, and other items, and arranging an entrance door to the room from any materials and with any shades.

· Arrangement of switches, sockets, and dimmers, as well as spot ceiling, wall, or other lamps, according to the general style of interior design, selection of the best space lighting using a special planner tool.

· At the final stage of designing a bathroom, decor items, steel inserts, chrome details, and other elements are selected from a wide range of catalogs, giving an increased uniqueness and attractive appearance to the space.

· Switching a two-dimensional room model to a 3D format, viewing the room from all angles, with zoning, an overview of every detail.

· If necessary, the user edits the created plan, space zoning scheme, furniture, and equipment arrangement, replaces unsuccessfully selected objects, and removes unnecessary details.

· The 3D bathroom model can be rotated at any angle both vertically and horizontally, clockwise or counterclockwise. Each position can be captured by a screenshot, which provides a high-quality frame.

· Rendering of all images is exposed, and shadows, lighting effects, and other improvements are added to all sections of the graphic part of the project. If required, the user can also use the engineering drawing function to draw all dimensions of the equipment in order to realize the project with maximum accuracy.

· After the design of all photos and upon completion of their processing, the finished project is transformed or exported into a readable format, after which it is sent to the addressee by mail or printed in high quality on a plotter for assembly into an album.

Thus, even those property owners who have never encountered interior design before can easily learn how to plan their own bathroom and create the space in the apartment that they have long dreamed of, and then bring all their ideas to life.

Key Benefits of Bathroom Layout Planner

Professionals and simple owners of apartments or residential buildings often prefer to use Bathroom Layout Planner, as this online platform has many undeniable advantages:

· Ease of use of all tools, a very easy interface, and the presence of a large number of tips from the system using innovative artificial intelligence technology.

· To take the first steps, the user only needs a computer, as the system itself will offer a choice of template options or a clean space for creativity and a complete set of tools.

· The ability to open and use the application on a computer or on a mobile device, through special applications on iOS and Android, without losing the quality and functionality of the program.

· Despite animation and 3D modeling, which are created in a simple computer game, the platform also has a convenient engineering design option, with which the user can obtain a graphic drawing of increased accuracy with dimensions, references, elevations, and other functions.

· This software not only allows you to design the bathroom of your dreams, but the planner also provides an opportunity for the creative development of a person at any age absolutely free. Already after the creation of his first project, a simple property owner can gain a wealth of experience and be able to start working in the field of interior design of various premises.

· Of course, in this application, there are ready-made objects from the built-in catalog for thousands of items. The user can choose any sink, bath, shower, racks, shelves, and other details that differ in textures, colors, functionality, materials, as well as dimensions, and belonging to a particular style.

· The speed of creating a bathroom project is so high that even a person with no experience in interior design can take the first photos or sketches of the premises within one day.

· Very high-quality processing and rendering of the photograph, the possibility of its transformation into any readable format, without loss of quality, as well as sending ready-made drawings to contractors or to a retail outlet for the purchase of bathroom equipment.

The number of users of our Planner 5D is growing every month, professionals and property owners leave only positive reviews about the software, marking the service as one of the best online editors among many competitive platforms.


Many platform users often contact the web portal service department for instructions on working with the Planner 5D service. For the convenience of such users, below you can see the most frequently asked questions with answers to them.

How much does it cost to work with the service?

We offer our customers two versions of the online scheduler – paid and free. In the first case, the owner of the premises gets constant access to the widest range of functions and libraries to create a high-quality project, regardless of his preferences and space features. If the user is designing a bathroom in a typical apartment, the free version of the application will be enough for him.

What is the quality of the finished images?

The program has a powerful graphic base, and all ready-made images, as well as a 3D model, will be almost indistinguishable from photographs of the highest quality.

How to solve problems with the service for a beginner?

If a beginner does not understand the functionality of a particular tool in the proposed catalogs and panels, he can always select the help section with a detailed description of each function, or contact our support team for detailed advice.

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