There may be a battle for control of the bedroom. Whether you’ve had to create a home office or your closet is overflowing, we could all use extra space.

Because of this, storage beds, especially ottoman beds, are becoming increasingly popular. These multipurpose bed frames provide a comfortable place to rest your head and stylish, out-of-sight storage.

But before you make such a significant investment, you should learn about the benefits of ottoman beds. We’ll go over all the details of ottoman beds so you can determine if this space-saving option is right for you.


Many people prefer ottoman beds to standard bed frames because of their many benefits. If you’re considering switching to an ottoman bed but are still on the fence, consider the following benefits described by those who have already made the purchase.

1. Extra space for storing things without taking up any more room.

The bed will typically take up the bulk of the room’s flooring. Rather than cramming your bedroom full of extra furniture, an ottoman bed allows you to use the space you already have better.

2. Sufficient space to accommodate large, cumbersome objects.

Some things are complicated to store neatly and compactly, as anyone who has tried to fit a winter duvet into an airing cupboard can attest. Your entire family’s winter wardrobe and seasonal sports equipment can be easily stored in an ottoman bed’s ample under-bed storage space.

An ottoman bed’s generous flat surface makes it a great spot to stash bulky items like hanging suit bags that take up valuable closet real estate. More can be stored if vacuum storage bags are used.

3. Liftable and transportable even without assistance.

The weight of an ottoman bed is a concern for some potential buyers. Most modern beds, however, feature hydraulic mechanisms that lift the mattress without causing any damage to the frame, make the process effortless, and keep the lid open when it is at its highest.

Those with limited mobility, muscle weakness, or age can all benefit from ottoman beds because of their simple lifting mechanism and better bed company. Another terrific way to reduce clutter is to have a bed that can be used as a toy chest.

4. Secure and gently shut.

If you lose your grip on an ottoman bed’s handle, the bed’s hydraulic mechanism will slowly and gently lower the mattress so that you won’t hit your head or get your fingers caught. Again, this can be useful if curious children are in the house.

New parents may also benefit from the convenience of a soft-closing ottoman bed. A baby’s sleep won’t be interrupted by jarring noises, making this a great place to keep diapers and formula.

5. Elegant and practical.

Ottoman beds are experiencing a renaissance thanks to the growing number of people who value a minimalist aesthetic and the widespread trend towards downsizing and micro-apartments. Even though some people think they went out of style for a while, storage beds are increasingly well-liked because of the space they save.

Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be beautiful or believe to be helpful, as espoused by renowned British designer William Morris. Ottoman beds are aesthetically pleasing and practical and come in various styles, materials, and finishes.

Levi Huang

Levi Huang, a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Furniture Design, has been a guiding voice in home furnishing and interior solutions for over 16 years. He became part of our editorial team in 2021, focusing on ergonomic furniture design, space planning, and material innovation. Previously, Levi worked in custom furniture creation and as an interior design consultant. He enjoys woodworking and contributing to sustainable living initiatives.

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