The reason that construction projects are always on the rise is that the construction business never really stops. The world population is growing, and eco-friendly buildings, disaster-proof buildings, and many more advancements have been introduced in the AEC industry. Naturally, construction technology is also advancing, trying to keep up with these new requirements and progressions of the industry.

Construction apps – the new era of construction technology

Construction apps are one such example of progression in construction technology. These apps have completely changed the way construction projects are managed, owing to this. Digitization has increased in the construction industry. This article will explore the many benefits of using construction apps. We will also explore which features are a must in the best construction management software for 2022.

The best construction management software needs to address all pain points in construction projects. So, let’s say you are a construction manager and want a construction app that addresses your concern about lost documents. You would look at applications that have cloud storage, internal sharing, data backups, etc., i.e., you will explore the software’s features to ensure it meets your needs.

Features of the best construction management software

Document management capabilities:

In the AEC industry, documentation is crucial. It is not uncommon for construction projects to face problems like misplaced files and progress photos. Project managers often take hours sorting paperwork, and as a result, projects get delayed. Additionally, poor document management also has an impact outside of affecting the progress of your project. If a construction manager has access to historical data, it improves the competitiveness and accuracy of estimates generated for a project.

Documentation includes everything! From site photos to daily reports to videos and accident reports, it all needs to be documented and stored. Modern-day construction technology has made this easier than ever. Construction apps have cloud document management capabilities that link your existing systems! This allows project stakeholders to save all data in one secure place, whether in the sales phase, pre-construction phase, or the construction phase against that project. This also helps users access information quickly and helps them track progress in real-time. Manual errors, lost documents, and wasting time looking for documents are past problems!

360’ Project visibility for stakeholders:

In a construction project, visibility is one of the key factors as there are multiple stakeholders involved. Internal teams and stakeholders all need to know updates in real-time, and that is exactly what the best construction management software should provide its users! 360′ project visibility!

Construction technology can help by making cloud storage and document sharing easy through document management systems. Some solutions have pre-built templates and compile project data into useful reports, documents, etc., to ensure they are easy to follow and understand. This allows project owners, project managers, foremen, and vendors to track the project progress, check for data, etc., to stay on track and within budget. For example, all these stakeholders need access to real-time daily reports/timesheets. Daily reports/timesheets are organized reports that show project progress, updates, and resource utilization.

Budget Management

All AEC professionals know how easily new construction projects can sink due to unexpected cost overruns. Financial constraints, and additional costs, are the words that can cause the downfall of a project. Budget overruns are usually caused by incorrect projections or inaccurate estimations made at the inception of a project. The success of any project depends on making reasonable cost requests in the pre-construction phase. If budgeting is not done properly, the result is cost overruns, delayed timelines, and consequently a tarnished relationship with the client. However, going back to how the best construction project software can help prevent such scary scenarios, construction technology implemented in these solutions have advanced forecasting and takeoff capabilities. These features help prevent overruns and keep budget management simple, streamlined, and possible. Yes, there may be some variations, but these technology solutions also help estimate the probability of this and thus allow construction managers to keep the room in the budget for such events.

Resource and material scheduling

Resource and material scheduling are among construction managers’ most significant pain points. This is because the inability to manage project timelines efficiently results in cash flow problems, increased on-site accidents, improper designs, and missed sales opportunities. Construction technology is helping managers utilize construction apps to avoid these problems and communicate realistic deadlines to all stakeholders. For example, BOLDBuild, a leading construction project management solution, has automated flows that keep the project up-to-date on the go! It has advanced collaborative capabilities that give project managers insight into completed tasks, job oversite, field activities, compliance, etc., which helps keep the projects efficient, on budget, and on track.

Preppingfor 2022 with BOLDBuild

BOLDBuild is not just a field-focused construction management solution – it is a platform that connects field operations with back-office tasks. This allows it to help project stakeholders get a complete view of the construction project in real-time. With this advanced capability, among many others, BOLDBuild enables project owners to build better and keep up with the new construction technology trends.

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