As a pet owner, you may panic at the sight of your pet when limping, especially if you own a dog. Dogs love to run and play freely in a spacious area. But when they cannot use their back legs well, they would not as active as before. A tear in the back leg’s ligament can be very painful. A dog may find it too painful to use it to dig the ground and hide its litter.

A dog ACL tear may heal fast, but you still need to give them proper care to get back on its four feet in no time. What matters is you can take care of your pet without thinking too much. Here is how you care for your paralyzed pet.

The Causes For A Limping Dog

You will learn tips on caring for a dog when it cannot walk as you read on. But first, know some factors that cause your dog to limp.

  • Something caught between your dog’s toes
  • Vascular conditions
  • Inflammation in one of the dog’s legs
  • Infectious diseases
  • Broken bones due to accidents
  • An insect bite
  • Old age results in conditions such as osteoarthritis
  • Excessive jumping and running around
  • Strains, or rapture in their ligaments

What You Can Do

Some pet owners quickly give their dogs meds and first-aid tricks. However, most of them do not have prior experience or knowledge of what they are doing. That can lead to a dog suffering much more than a limp. What you can do first is not to self-medicate your dog. It would be wise to check the causes first before anything else.

Try to see if there are any bruises, sores, marks, signs of bleeding, etc. In addition, look for any foreign object that might be stuck somewhere in or between the dog’s paws.

The next thing you can do is give your dog an ice pack. The ice pack can reduce the swelling in an affected area. It also reduces the pain your pet is feeling at the moment. You can also alternate to a heat pack.

It also pays off to see whether the limp is severe or not. Monitor your limping dog for at least one to two days. Once the limp does not go away in the following days, it is best to seek professional help.

Seek Professional Help

A veterinarian can find out the cause of your pet’s limp. Not only that, but they will find the best solution to take care of the limp.

You can head to a vet immediately after the forty-eight-hour observation frame has lapsed.

But do take it easy to transport your pet. Some people become restless when taking their animals to the vet, causing the pets to hurt more while on the road.

Carefully place your pet on a makeshift stretcher or comfortable seat. Remember not to touch the affected area that much.

Once at the vet, follow all of the doctor’s instructions. Purchase any medication that they might not have at the moment. Also, keep in touch with your animal as they stay in the vet’s office or facility.

One More Thing

Taking care of your limping dog is something you can do. You do not have to panic over an injury. Take a breath and assess it before you do anything to treat it. Once you find it is out of your hands, then that is the time you head over to a vet for better care.

Madison Lee

Madison Lee is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, with a degree in veterinary medicine. She has been an expert in pet care and animal behavior for 12 years. Her previous experience includes practicing as a veterinarian and volunteering in animal rescue organizations. She offers insights into responsible pet ownership, breed-specific care, and animal psychology. Her background includes working in animal shelters and as a pet nutrition consultant. She participates in community animal health awareness campaigns in her free time. She also enjoys trail running with her dog and is a wildlife photography hobbyist.

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