Below, we are breaking down deep cleaning services you can find in London or near you. What’s included in a deep clean, how long this type of cleaning should take, and whether you can add additional cleaning services to a deep clean. Hopefully, this guide to deep cleaning services should help you understand what is involved and which cleaning company in London you should use for your next deep clean. Let’s start with what a deep cleaning service is, shall we?

What are deep cleaning services?

Deep cleaning services involve an extremely thorough disinfecting and scrubbing of all the surfaces in your home. This includes the kitchen counter, cabinets, bookcases, toilet, bath and a great deal more. Every inch of your home, from the skirting to the ceilings, will be scrubbed. Your carpets and floors will also be vacuumed, swept and mopped to ensure your home looks beautiful once again.

Deep cleaning services are very in-depth and provide sanitation to the entire property. They also ensure that the property is liveable again. Rather than focusing on a few cleaning chores like a regular domestic clean, a deep clean does all of the cleaning tasks a home needs to be liveable and comfortable.

Many people use deep cleans when they haven’t been able to clean for a while. This could be because they have been busy with work or ill, for example. However, people also regularly have deep cleans throughout the year to stay on top of the cleaning. It is best to think of regular domestic cleaning sessions as a surface cleaning of your home and a deep clean as a thorough cleaning of every area of the home.

What should be included in a deep clean?

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from a deep cleaning service in London:

Everything will be dusted, including bookcases, ceilings, skirting boards and furniture.
The interior side of the windows will be washed, as will the window sills and ledges.
The skirting boards and door frames will be washed
Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping of all floors
The bathroom and kitchen will be scrubbed, and any limescale will be removed
The oven, fridge, microwave and all kitchen cabinets will also be cleaned.
All mirrors and glass doors will be cleaned to a streak-free shine
Furniture will be moved to ensure every inch of the floor is reached during vacuumed and mopping

As you can see, a deep clean is a very intense clean of the entire home. It is designed to bring a home back to life after a few months without cleaning. As we said, though, there are people that use deep cleaning services throughout the year just to stay on top of their cleaning routine. Whatever reason you choose to have a deep clean, just ensure the cleaning company you use pays attention to the smallest of details. It ensures that the clean you receive will be the best possible and leave your home looking perfect.

Can you add additional cleaning services to a deep clean?

Yes, you can add additional cleaning services to a deep clean to get even more out of the service. The most popular cleaning service to add to a deep clean is carpet cleaning. While all of your carpets will be vacuumed, to make your carpets look brand new, a carpet cleaning machine can be used. This can either be a steam cleaner or shampooing machine and will draw out all of the dirt, dust and pet hair in your carpets and take care of any stains and get rid of any odours too.

You can also add upholstery cleaning to a deep clean as well. Again, a shampooing or steam cleaner is used to draw out dirt, stains and odours from your upholstery. This service works fantastically for rugs, sofas and curtains, for example.

While the cleaners will clean the interior side of your windows, they won’t do the exterior side. However, window cleaning can also be provided as an additional service that will take care of the exterior side of the windows and any fascias you have on your home. This is an excellent service to bring your entire home back to life.

How long should a deep clean take?

Depending on the size of your home and how much cleaning is needed, a deep clean can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. In general, though, if your home hasn’t been cleaned for a few months but is in otherwise good condition, a deep clean will take a few hours with a good team of cleaners.

To ensure your deep clean gets every inch of your home cleaned just the way you like it, it’s a good idea to mention any additional cleaning services you’d like when you book it. And if there are any areas of the home you’d like the cleaners to focus their efforts on, let them know with plenty of time. This ensures the cleaners can plan your deep cleaning service ready for your appointment.

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