Dreambone is adorable looking dog food. It is red and white; the outer part being white, and the inner part a bright red. It primarily consists of corn, chicken/beef/bacon, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, Xanthan gum, essential nutrients, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

The ingredients are openly mentioned at the backside of the wrapper. It does have a whole lot of preservatives and additives. However, it is rendered safe for animal consumption.

The dog food is free from rawhide and enriched with vital minerals and vitamins. The chewy texture assists in maintaining good oral health and reduces bad breath.

The outer white layer of the chew is made of vegetables, and the inner red layer consists of chicken/beef/bacon. The meat used for its production is 100% human-grade, which makes its consumption safe for dogs. It comes in fun shapes for your dogs to devour and digest.

Since it is a dog snack, it is recommended to use these as treats. Using these as full meals may lead to an upset stomach or severe allergic reactions.

It is available at various supermarkets and online stores. The description and price at online sites are comparatively cheaper than what you would get at all pet stores or Walmart outlets. They are majorly sourced from the United States, China, Vietnam Mexico

Dog Reviews on Dreambone.

Dreambone’ Dog Snacks

We looked up some dog reviews for the product and listed some recurring complaints from dog parents around the world. The overall reviews were inclined towards production defects related to the source of production. To know about what most of the reviews stated, read on.

Most of the customers had complaints of their dogs falling sick, throwing up, or having severe bouts of diarrhea right after consuming these chews. In more severe cases, dogs suffered from seizures but recovered after prompt medical attention. You should always consult a vet before changing your dog’s regular treats if you suspect that the ingredients might not be suitable for them.

Karen from the US said that her golden retriever loved these chews that she usually bought from Walmart. Since the Walmart Dreambone snacks were expensive, she looked it up on Amazon and found much cheaper options

She bought 20 packets but had to discard them all because as soon as she fed her dog with those chews, he threw up rather violently within 15 minutes. She tried feeding her dog with these snacks again, but he refused to have these again.

Karen claimed that this never happened before. She believes the Dreambone snacks bought online were cheap in price and cheaper in quality.

Roxy from the US had a similar experience that she linked to an unusual smell that these chews had. She had got hold of these from a local pet store and was excited to feed them to her dog.

Within half an hour of consumption, her dog threw up multiple times. She recollected that the chews had an unusually strong and foul smell, and the color of the chews was more on the yellowish-maroon side.

Catherine, on the other hand, had to witness a way more severe allergic reaction from her dog. She cautioned all dog parents to ensure that they thoroughly check the ingredients list of whichever dog food they buy. She blamed the usage of Xanthan gum as the reason for her dog’s condition.

Catherine agreed to various dog reviews that stated the incorporation of Xanthan gum would likely cause serious medical problems to puppies and adult dogs. It was the ingredient that likely caused the seizure.

Xanthan gum is a thickener with properties that makes the food stick together. It can be found in most canned foods. However, it is known to cause intestinal inflammation and bloating. If your dog is allergic to the additive, he/she may suffer from severe complications like Catherine’s dog.

Many other canine parents mentioned in their dog reviews that their dogs were already suffering from a sensitive stomach. Thus, they could not digest the chews. Others blamed the usage of corn, kelp, banana, and preservatives as the reason for this reaction.

However, not all reviews were negative. Some of them claimed that their dogs had been feasting on Dreambone dog snacks for years. They stated that their dogs never had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

The positive dog reviews had one thing in common, i.e., all of them claimed that their Dreambone dog snack was sourced from China and the US. If you feel that this is a ruling factor in determining the quality of the snack, make sure that you get these.

We researched more about this claim and came across reviews which stated that the dog foods from Vietnam and Mexico usually caused discomfort to dogs.

Liza from Guantanamo Bay reviewed that her dogs have been treated on Dreambone snacks for years. She bought four packs from Amazon, citing the low price. Her dogs immediately had a diarrhea bout and refused from consuming any more of those snacks. Liza noticed that the manufacturing procedure of the new packs was done in Vietnam. The store-bought packets sourced from China had no such side effects

Consequently, a lot of other dog reviews sites had Dreambone customers claiming the same. Most of them stated that the ones manufactured in Vietnam and Mexico caused extreme discomfort to their dogs. Whereas, the ones manufactured in China or the US had no unhealthy outcomes.

Buyers also listed the color difference as a factor to be cautious of. Most Dreambone snacks are of a bright white and red color. If you notice discoloration of the snack, discard it. Many customers claimed that the yellowish- maroon-colored Dreambone snack had caused vomiting to their dogs.

Izzy from New York City wrote that she had bought Dreambone snacks for her 7-year-old pug. The snack was of a different color from what the wrapper indicated. She checked for the expiration date, and it seemed fine. The discolored snack was also accompanied by a strong, foul smell.

Thinking that it must be the familiar smell of this dog snack, she let her pug consume it. Within a short period, her pug threw up and had an evil spell of diarrhea for days. She immediately discontinued the snack and cited the discoloration and foul smell as the reason.

Final Verdict

We noticed that various factors, like the source of production, smell, color, and personal allergies, played a massive role in most of the experiences listed on dog reviews sites.

You should check the source of production and determine if it is from the stated safe places. If the product has a foul smell or discolored appearance, discard it immediately. Check for the ingredients and see if your dog is allergic to even one of them. You can get your dog tested for allergies at any vet clinic.

It might be possible that your dog naturally has a weak and sensitive stomach. In such cases, they would need light foods that can be easily digested. Therefore, stay away from any food or snack that would give your puppy’s stomach a hard time. Always consult a vet if any allergies or side effects are affecting their daily well-bein

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