In the realm of interior design, every detail counts, and one often-overlooked element that can significantly impact the aesthetics and functionality of a living room is the TV wall mount. TV wall mounts have evolved from a mere necessity to a stylish and practical accessory that can enhance your living space’s overall appeal. In this article, we will explore the benefits of TV mounts and provide insights on how to seamlessly incorporate them into your living room design.

Benefits of TV Wall Mounts

  1. Space Optimization: TV wall mounts can free up valuable floor space by eliminating the need for a bulky TV stand or entertainment center. This is especially beneficial in smaller living rooms where space is at a premium.
  2. Enhanced Viewing Experience: Wall-mounted TVs can be adjusted to the perfect viewing angle, reducing glare and ensuring everyone in the room has an optimal view of the screen. This is particularly valuable if your living room has multiple seating areas or if you enjoy hosting movie nights with friends and family.
  3. Cable Management: TV mounts often come with cable management systems that allow you to conceal unsightly wires and cables. This not only improves the aesthetics of your living room but also reduces tripping hazards.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: TV wall mounts can be a stylish addition to your living room decor. With a wide range of designs and finishes available, you can choose a mount that complements your interior design theme, whether it’s minimalist, rustic, modern, or traditional.
  5. Flexibility: Swivel, tilt, and articulating TV mounts provide flexibility in positioning your TV. You can easily adjust the angle to reduce glare or watch your favorite show from different areas of the room.

Incorporating TV Wall Mounts into Your Living Room Design

Now that we’ve established the benefits of TV wall mounts, let’s explore how to seamlessly integrate them into your living room design:

  1. Choose the Right Mount: Start by selecting a TV wall mount that suits your TV size and weight. Ensure that it is compatible with your TV’s VESA mount pattern, which determines the mounting hole spacing on the back of your TV. This ensures a secure and safe installation.
  2. Placement Matters: Determine the ideal height for mounting your TV. The center of the screen should be at eye level when seated. Additionally, consider the viewing angles from different seating areas in the room.
  3. Hide Cables: Use cable management solutions to conceal wires and cables. Wall channels, raceways, or in-wall cable routing can keep your setup looking clean and organized.
  4. Complement Your Decor: Choose a TV mount that complements your living room’s style. Vogels, for example, offers a range of mounts with sleek and modern designs that can seamlessly blend with various interior aesthetics.
  5. Position Furniture: Arrange your furniture to complement the TV wall mount. Consider the layout of sofas, chairs, and coffee tables to ensure that everyone has a comfortable view of the TV.
  6. Artful Integration: Some TV mounts are designed to double as decorative elements, with built-in shelving or picture frame designs. These can add an extra layer of style to your living room while maintaining functionality.


TV wall mounts have evolved from a mere practicality to an essential element in modern interior design. They offer space optimization, improved viewing experiences, and a chance to enhance your living room’s aesthetics. By choosing the right mount and integrating it thoughtfully into your living room design, you can create a space that is both functional and visually appealing. Vogels and other reputable brands offer a wide range of TV mounts to suit your needs and style preferences, making it easier than ever to elevate your living room design.

Chloe Miller

Chloe Miller, with a Bachelor’s in Interior Design from the New York School of Interior Design, has been an expert in home decor and design trends for 15 years. She joined our website in 2021, offering her expertise in space optimization, color schemes, and sustainable decor. Chloe’s prior experience includes working with interior design firms and as a freelance consultant. She is a DIY enthusiast and enjoys upcycling furniture in her spare time.

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