Floodchek provides the finest quality washing machine inlet hoses in the world. Their hoses are designed to prevent floods in your homes, apartments, or offices. Floodchek hoses offer a 20-year warranty wherein you can either replace the hose or the washer, whichever damages first. Broken washer hoses everywhere cause much big of a problem, not to mention the lives lost, your belongings, and much more.

Washing machine hoses apply severe pressure when you open them as they produce 70 pounds of water pressure; that is why it is essential to check the hose and install the best one. It is best to install steel Floodchek hoses rather than standard rubber hoses as they do not break apart from high pressure or hot water. You can and should replace the hoses every five years.

Floodchek Water Hoses

In a Floodchek water hose, one massive brass is inserted, which is rounded at the end to prevent cutting off the hose’s interiors. No screens are included in this. A barb is present along the hose’s flank, which supplements the crimp design, which in the end provides extra protection when you must pull off.

When you must install the Floodchek hose, you first need to shut off both your hot and cold-water valves. Then start by disconnecting your old washer hoses. Use the red Floodchek hose for the hot water, and tighten it there, whereas the blue Floodchek hose is to be tightened for the cold water.

The next step for you to do is tighten the nuts ¼ to ½ turn with the help of pliers. Make sure not to over tighten the nuts. It is better to install the hoses with a Floodchek logo on the washer or the shutoff side. The standard length of the Floodchek hoses is 5ft, whereas the length of a Floodchek hoses is 7ft.

Choose appropriately which one you want. It is tested to 1700 pounds per square inch. With the help of Floodchek hoses, it prevents water from entering your homes and avoid costly damages when washing machine hose breaks.  

The insurance industry of Floodchek confirms that washing machine hose failures make up for a loss of 200 million dollars in a year of property loss. They claim that most plumbers do not know about the hoses and coupling technology because they see the standard hose and find an identical replacement for it.

Floodchek makes sure that their hoses are intact, and you do not need to make sure of it specifically. Not a single hose ever fails to function in 20 years. It enjoys a zero percent failure rate. Floodchek hoses protect tons of single-family residences and high-rise buildings and protect millions of your dollars. All the insurance agents have confirmed that Floodchek hoses are better and often recommend it to customers.

Whirlpool has also started using Floodchek hoses for their washing machines. It is better to install Floodchek hoses at once for twenty years rather than changing it every ten years.

Because of Floodchek’s supreme quality, it costs more.

You cannot expect a perfectly good hose cheaper. You will not even find Floodchek hoses on any retailer shops. They sell directly to you. Any damage to the product or the hoses is fixed within 20 years at no cost. 

Complaints on Guarantee provided by Floodchek

Around the year 2017, numerous complaints were registered against Floodchek for their products and warranties that they provide. Many complaints were left unanswered and are still not answered. If you see right now, Floodchek’s website has been crashed down, and they are not selling their products anymore.

Many people start assuming that their 20-year warranty was just a scam. Was it? We are not sure, since there is no word from the company, but every American individual who has bought Floodchek hoses, have complained about them so many times these days. Most of the complaints that came were on –

  • Everyone knows that any washing machine does not stay for more than 5-6 years, you need to replace the machine, then how is Floodchek offering a 20-year guarantee saying that either its parts or the whole machine can be replaced? But some also claim that you can change the hoses after every 5 to 6 years, meaning your washing machine can stay.
  • Some complaints were that the big companies offer huge warranties, but when it comes to paying, they only pay after your own insurance company has paid; otherwise, they will not pay. Just like Floodchek, Belkin also offers multiple warranties covering huge costs of $5,00, $10,000, ad $20,000. So, all of this is a scam.
  • Some claim that they have machines way longer and did not even need to replace the machine or their hoses. One says that you should inspect the hoses before installing them.
  • Many people claim that the hoses, when built according to your specifications, can no doubt last 20 years or longer. They will cost you more as they are made of custom fabric, but you must pay more if you want a perfect product.
  • Floodchek’s website has crashed down, and they have no product listings for six months or maybe more now. People started to think that they went out of business. If you even find some product and place the order, it never delivers to you, and then you must fight with your credit card companies over the refund.


Floodchek hoses developed high-class hoses that would prevent a flood from entering your house. Earlier, with their products rising in the markets, companies like Whirlpool began purchasing from them.

They do have expensive products, but what is a cost against quality.

However, since 2017, numerous complaints were registered against them, and they stopped delivering the hoses. Since the complaints left unanswered, people started having doubts over their products and warranty schemes.

Now, their website has crashed down, and no product is available. Many people had told what happened to them when they purchased from Floodchek; some have positive answers, while some have negative.

However, if you believe that Floodchek ensures credibility for their hoses, and if you find their products online, then do buy. Still, if not, then you can find some other company offering the equally best quality and change your hose after every 5 to 6 years.

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    I bought Floodchek hoses in 2009, now on 2nd washer and hoses still going strong. No complaints.

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