Kitchens are the heart of the house, and for many home buyers, they’re also one of the most attractive features. If you’re a homeowner who will soon be selling your home, improving the appearance of your kitchen is one way that you can help ensure your home will sell quickly and for a high price.

The following renovation tips have a high return on investment. Work with your real estate professional to decide which renovations are right for you.


Painting the kitchen completely changes its appearance, often making it look like new. It’s also a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can be done by homeowners as a DIY project. Homeowners who decide to paint their kitchen to make their home more desirable to buyers must remember to use the correct type of paint.

Easy-to-clean semi gloss or satin paints are both acceptable in the kitchen. Use of a flatter paint could lead to stains on the walls.

Hiring a professional painting contractor to paint the kitchen is another way to ensure the right paint is used. When choosing a color, homeowners must paint samples on the wall before deciding which paint is best.

Replace Appliances

Old, inefficient appliances look bad and increase the utility bills, which in turn can lead to a lower purchase offer. Replacing appliances reduces utility bill costs while the homeowner is still living in the house, and can lead the buyer to offer more money at the time of purchase.

When replacing appliances, it’s important to buy good quality appliances, but not gourmet (unless the house is in a high-end neighborhood).

Most home buyers will not pay extra for gourmet appliances. Homeowners who choose to install very expensive appliances will recoup fewer costs at the time of sale.

Replace Floors

The floor is one of the largest surfaces in the kitchen, so old damaged floors can instantly detract from the appearance of the room. Replacing your floors with a durable, long-lasting, attractive material can help. Work with a contractor to install tile made from stone or ceramic. You may even choose to install hardwood in your kitchen, if it’s properly sealed.

Your contractor can help you decide what type of flooring is best. Working with a professional contractor will also help ensure that the work is done right, which can help make your house more attractive to buyers.

Replace Counters

Counters are one of the most useful surfaces in the kitchen, so they’re also one of the surfaces that home buyers pay attention to when they’re evaluating a home’s kitchen.

For many years, granite was the most popular countertop material in the kitchen. Granite is still popular today, but many homeowners are turning to quartz as the countertop material of choice.

Why quartz? It’s even harder and more durable than granite. It’s not porous, so it doesn’t need staining or sealing. Quartz is man-made, so it comes in endless colors and patterns. However, quartz looks like a natural stone. Quartz counters can be made to resemble marble, granite and nearly any other type of stone desired.

Refinish Cabinets

Cabinets are very expensive, so home buyers who replace their cabinets have a hard time recovering their costs. However, cabinets can be refinished to look like new and the work can be done at a much lower cost. Homeowners who would like to get the look of a new cabinet without paying the price should hunt for a contractor who has experience in refinishing cabinets.

Work With a Real Estate Professional

Are you a homeowner who will soon be selling your house? A kitchen remodel is one way to make your house more attractive to buyers. Work with a real estate professional to decide what else can be done to your house to increase your profits and help your home sell faster. Working with a professional can help make the experience of selling your house more profitable and more enjoyable overall.

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