The SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump is now available! It’s smart heated water and air conditioner and a heating unit. In heating cycles, the heat pump moves heat from the outside to the inside; also, during cooling cycles, it transfers heat from the inside to the outside. It is among the few contemporary models available, with ERP A+++, R32 refrigerant, guaranteed safety, noise reduction, and smart control technology.

Lower Global Warming Potential

R32, a less environmentally friendly refrigerant, is used in the DC inverter heating systems. R32 has a low ozone depletion potential; thus, the heating system will run cleaner and more effectively. R32 possesses remarkable qualities such as flammability, low toxicity, and inertness, which benefit the consumer in safety and price reduction.

Increased Productivity

SPRSUN’s ERP A+++ R32 EVI DC inverter heating systems have a performance coefficient (COP) of 5.95, enhancing efficiency than DC inverter heat pumps using other refrigerants and is more advanced when compared to r22 refrigerators.

For every 1kW of electrical energy consumed for operation, the heating system returns 3-5 kW of heat. A typical natural gas boiler has a 98 percent efficiency rating. Homeowners could save up to 500 percent on heating costs by using these heat pumps instead of fossil fuels.

Once users leave it operating in the background, they could expect higher efficiency. The heat pump constantly runs during peak times, lowering the heating costs. The SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump continually alters output while functioning in the background to achieve consistent temperature.

By responding to fluctuations in heat demand, you keep the temperature volatility to a minimum.

Contrary to a variable voltage heat pump, a fixed output heating system will constantly cycle from peak power to zero, reaching a balance that will frequently provide the optimum temperature. SPRSUN employs inverters to eliminate cycling, resulting in more constant and pleasant temperatures.

The heat pump improves residential energy efficiency and reduces energy consumption and associated expenses via cycling. This procedure is favorable to the environment, and a means to minimize cooling and heating costs by lowering greenhouse gas and pollution emissions.

Smarter technology

Smart sensors and a CAREL controller include the SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter heating system or water heaters. They have extensive temperature recording and control capabilities.

Clients could use technology to keep their home’s temperature constant. In a power outage, the unit will keep its home warm.

People frequently operate the heating and cooling systems for extended periods, even if they’re not at home or when not using it. For this reason, energy bills may rise, and customers may pay more than necessary. The SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump’s smart technology, on the other hand, can help consumers lower their monthly costs by reducing heat and air conditioning demand throughout the day and night.

Homeowners will then be content to step back, relax, and enjoy their home in any condition and benefit from the heating system saving potential.

Because the SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump is WIFI compatible, they can also enjoy online monitoring. Users can order the use of contactless services right at the service department. With its R32 EVI DC inverter heat pumps, SPRSUN additionally provides more intelligent safety.

Because preventative maintenance is more easily available, the monitored equipment should run more efficiently and for a longer period. As the globe converts to more eco-friendly and efficient heating technology, providing a more effective, greener, smarter, and energy-efficient heat source than fossil fuel-based furnaces is a critical advancement.

Noise Reduction

When typical heat pumps function, their components make noise. As a result of the excessive noise level, purchasing that device can be difficult. Brushless DC inverter fans are used in the R32 heat pump to reduce noise. SPRSUN DC inverter heating systems, unlike typical heat pumps, use a steady, silent compressor motor that works in the background and uses very little power.

As a result, that device is quieter to operate. Furthermore, when the system achieves a given temperature, the temperature does not change but remains constant. Furthermore, the Panasonic Compressor double shock absorption technique improves sound attenuation. It’s the quietest device in the SPRSUN panel of inverters, beginning at 42dBA.

Guaranteed Safety

Although R32 is a reasonably benign refrigerant, it could be dangerous if managed and stored incorrectly. Because of its design, SPRSUN R32 DC inverter heat pumps have safety precautions that avoid explosions.

The R&D team has implemented multiple safeguards to ensure that you protect the SPRSUN R32 DC against explosions in its operating zones. Their idea is to give exceptional explosion protection without sacrificing the original product’s quality or dependability.

SPRSUN’s Background

SPRSUN is a well-known heat pump company. The company makes a variety of heat pumps, including DC inverter heat pumps, pool heating systems, and air source heat pump water heaters. Their products are CE-certified, CCC-certified, CB-certified, RoHS-certified, SAA-certified, TUV-certified, and ERP-certified.

For high-quality outcomes, heat pump manufacturing works with CAREL, MITSUBISH, SANYO, and Panasonic. SPRSUN has been providing revolutionary heat pumps depending on cutting-edge technology for years and aims to be a global leader in the heat pump industry.

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