Running water is something we all have and enjoy. And, we all take it for granted. Until we don’t, of course. When do we stop taking these for granted, though? When the running water stops.

Put differently, we pay attention to this entire system when it stops working properly. A blocked drain is enough to get us frustrated and to have us searching for ways to resolve the problem. It is at that point, when we wind up with a blocked drain or a similar issue, that we start realizing the importance of plumbing in the first place, as explained here.

Are you facing the challenge of a blocked drain right now in your home in Canberra? If yes, you’ll definitely start searching for ways to get the problem resolved. Browsing the Web, you’ll most likely come across some home remedies and tips that claim to help you solve the issue all on your own. All of those, however, will be faulty, especially if the problem is much bigger than you expected.

The worst part is, you can wind up ruining the drains and causing even bigger issues by applying those home solutions. Especially if you’re planning on buying some chemicals to pour down the drains, as those could be quite damaging to the whole system, particularly if not used properly. The bottom line? Don’t tamper around these systems alone.

What do you do instead, then? Easy. You hire a Canberra plumber to solve all of your plumbing problems and unblock those drains for you in a safe and effective manner. Hiring professionals is always the best thing to do, not only because they will know how to deal with the issues, but also because they are familiar with all the rules and regulations you’ll have to adhere to, whether you’re installing new plumbing systems or repairing your old ones.

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Wondering how it is that these professionals can help you with blocked drains, though? Put differently, you’re wondering what it is they will do and what techniques and tools they may use in the process. If curious about that, reading on will help you figure out precisely what you can expect these experts to do once they reach your home and start working on your blocked drains.

How Canberra Plumbers Unblock Drains

Ways A Canberra Plumber May Unblock Your Drain

There are various different ways and techniques the plumbers in the ACT may use to unblock your drains. Before we start talking about the specific techniques in details, let me explain the general process for you. That way, you’ll know what to expect once these professionals arrive at your home.

  • Assessment comes first

First and foremost, they will have to assess the seriousness of the problem. No problem can be solved before its caused has been revealed. And, while you may notice signs that your drain is blocked, you are probably not skilled or knowledgeable enough to identify the causes of those blockages. Professional Canberra plumbers, on the other hand, will definitely be able to do that.

Assessing the issue is also important because it will help the experts understand which tools and techniques they’ll have to use so as to unblock your drains. Also, they will give you their estimation on how long it will take to get the work done, as well as on how much it will all cost. Info you’ll definitely need.

  • Then comes the hard work

The next part of the process consists of doing the actual work on your blocked drains. Having performed the assessment carefully, any expert plumber Canberra you choose will now know exactly which tools and techniques to use so as to fix the problems. And, as mentioned, we’ll talk about some of those techniques below, so let’s stop here for now.

  • They’ll also prevent further blockages

Another thing these professionals will do, apart from fixing the problem, that is, apart from unblocking your drains, is prevent further blockages. Certainly, significant for all homeowners in Canberra. After all, you don’t want to have to hire these experts rather frequently, due to the problem coming back after a short while. Prevention is key, and the professionals you’ll choose will know how to do it.

Different Techniques Used in the ACT

As I’ve mentioned quite a few times above, ACT plumbers will use different techniques so as to unblock your drains. I’ll tell you about some of the most common ones below, so that you can get a clearer idea on what it is that these pros could do after you contact them. As well as on which tools they may use on your plumbing systems, aiming at getting everything in order and resolving the blockages.

  • Manual Drain Snakes

A small tool that is physically pushed through a clog, while slowly rotating, could perhaps do the trick. This is one of the common techniques that plumbers in Canberra use for dealing with simple drain clogs, and for minor blockages that are located near the drain opening. It is the technique that will be efficient enough in most minor issues.

  • Hydro-Jetting Machines

If the problem is a bit more serious, a hydro-jetting machine may need to enter the scene. This technique consists of using concentrated water jets to flush away all the soap, grease and everything else that might have built up over the years, or even decades. By being able to eliminate any residue from your pipes, this technique will basically make them look and work as they were completely new.

  • Cameras to Get a Better View of The Problem

Unable to identify the problem right away, Canberra plumbers could also resort to using cameras. High-definition ones that help pros get a clear view of the pipe structure and thus identify the problem. With the help of a camera, a plumber will get to identify the issue quickly and understand precisely which technique to use next to have it fixed.

  • Dealing with Tree Roots

Some drain blockages could be caused by tree roots. Requiring plumbers to use advanced techniques and tools to completely eliminate the problem. Feeding a motorized auger through the pipe, they will chop the roots to bits, and then flush the line with the hydro jet mentioned above.

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