If you have a clogged drain, the last thing you’ll want to do is wait around for an hour or two. So, get it cleared immediately by hiring a plumber in our vicinity to clear the blockage. A drain cleaning plumber will bring in the best equipment and know how to do the job irrespective of how clogged the drain is. A plunger can effectively clear minor clogs, but if more than one sink is blocked, you’ll need professional help.

Snake or auger

A professional often uses a snake or auger to clear the blockage. A snake is simply a long flexible cable with a spiral tip at the end that allows it to be pushed through your pipes and pulled back out, trapping hair and other debris as it goes. The tool looks like an oversized corkscrew and is inserted into your drain line, which works through any clogs until it reaches the main pipe.

On the other hand, an auger is a rigid rod with a spiral tip and has no flexibility at all. Either way, the cable or rod is inserted into the drain while water flows through it. Then, once everything has been pushed through by gravity alone (no need for additional pumping), it’s time for you to flush again.

Electric eel

A plumber may use an electric eel (power snake) for stubborn clogs in pipes that are not easily accessed from above ground level, such as those found under floors and behind walls.

This tool has enough power to pull items through PVC pipe up to 12 inches wide without damaging other pipes within its reach (upstairs bathtub faucets). The electric eel is a rotating drum with rubber teeth and a motor. It is used to clean the pipe from the outside, which means it can clear roots, grease, and other debris.

Chemical drain cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are a potent solution for cleaning drains. These solutions have toxic chemicals that should not be inhaled. Professionals have experience and knowledge about these chemicals and ways to handle them to avoid any health hazards.

If someone is exposed to these cleaners, symptoms like breathing issues, diarrhea, sore throat, vomiting, chest pain, etc., is possible. Therefore, a chemical drain cleaner in your home or office should only be used as a last resort. If an emergency requires a chemical drain cleaner and no other tactic is solving the issue, consult your local plumber before using it.


These are some of the tools that an experienced drain cleaning plumber will use to clean the drains and sewer of your house. A professional with years of experience will be best for properly examining all the plumbing systems in your place and recommend accordingly. Consult reputed service providers who know about working within commercial and residential properties.

Moreover, it is best to go for local professionals who can arrive at your place quickly. Many major plumbing issues, like pipe bursts, require urgent services and cannot be delayed. Besides, a homeowner must routinely get a thorough inspection done to avoid any significant issues later.

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