Well, let us say it easily! The Lennox furnaces have got a life span of about fifteen to twenty years. These Lennox furnaces are pretty good in quality but a bit pricey than that of the other competing companies available in the market.

Thirty years is something which is known to be the maximum life span of these furnaces.

Experts recommend that once the furnaces have already reached fifteen years, the owner should start planning to change the current furnace. After fifteen years of using the furnace, the users may feel that their furnaces are dying.

Users may suffer from frequent headaches, may feel a burning sensation on the eyes or nose, may feel tired, and flu-like symptoms are also often visible.

If you can see such kind of symptoms happening to your closed ones or can feel so, then immediately open the windows of your respective furnace rooms’ and call your gas technicians.

Lennox furnaces often last till forty years. This is a very rare happening. Maintenance is a must for these furnaces. This is the only possible way to help the users run the furnaces for more than fifteen years.

Lennox is one of the oldest and trusted brands in America, and most people rely on this company. There are people in the United States who like whenever it comes to buying furnaces, the people’s first choice is always Lennox.

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Replacements are to be done only after fifteen years. If your furnace is in quite a good condition, then replacing it before fifteen years is a very foolish task to do. Do things when it is necessary.

Try maintaining the furnace properly if you can. These furnaces do not explode or catch fire. But probably shut off because this is the way it is designed to. Lennox is a premium brand, and therefore their equipment and materials are way different than that of the other standard products available in the market.

Apart from everything, it is also about how the atmosphere inside your home feels.

The latest advancements have almost made everything possible, and now they also can make you feel comfortable at home with the perfect atmosphere and the way you want it to be.

The goal is to keep the customers happy. If the products are good enough, people will buy them no matter how much costlier the product is. As these furnaces are pretty expensive, people still find it challenging to replace them with a new one even after fifteen years.

Of course, each and all do not face the same problem, but some have budget issues, etc. If not fifteen, then twenty is the time when your furnace must retire from its job.

These furnaces need professional maintenance.

If this is done correctly, retirement has got no fixed age.

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    Just had my annual visit by my maintenance company who have been maintaining my Lennox ever since we had it installed seven years ago. The dude showed me a picture of the heat exchanger ring within which is starting to show small cracks. He claims the company(then…) used galvanized metal, versus, for example, Amana which they now install and uses stainless steel exchangers. That being said am I being conned? The furnace has always been quiet running & efficient! I have a CO1 monitor installed near the furnace & upstairs outside the bedroom in the hallway. He also advises we get a humidifier & have the ducts cleaned(did 6 yrs ago!). So wth? Con job? Especially after reading your article on Lenox furnaces.,. RSVP

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