After a long hard day all we want to do is go home and relax on the sofa, but there is an even better option is to get a relaxing massage. With a massage chair at home, you can easily combine preventive care and relaxation. We will now take a look at the things to look out for when choosing a massage chair for home, and we’ll give you some tips as well.

The first thing to determine is why you need a massage chair for your home. Usually there are two main reasons why people decide to buy a massage chair which are: for relaxation or to relieve pain for medical reasons. In case you are buying a chair for pain relief, you should pay attention to the features that will address your therapeutic concerns and ask advice from your doctor first.

A massage chair has many advantages, however, you should be aware that it is no substitute for a traditional body massage. In spas, specialists focus on specific parts of the body, thereby relaxing muscles, releasing tension and at the same time toning other muscle groups. Another advantage of spas is the wide range of services available, including luxury massages, aroma massages, a Moroccan bath with massage, and a beauty spa, so that you can personalize your treatment. A massage chair is an excellent aid to a professional massage, therefore it should not be neglected.

  • Things to look for when choosing a massage chair

The first thing to consider is the size of the room where you want to place the massage chair and whether it is important for you to fit in with the overall decor. The second criterion is the range of functions available in the massage chair, as different models provide different types of massage. The main ones are roller, compression, combined. When it comes to the extra features, they often affect the price. Be prepared to pay more if you want heating, a body-scanning function and a foot massager. However, the more programs you have, the more options you have for treating your body. The final factor, for sure, is safety. If you have children or pets at home, it is better to get a chair with a safety function. It will work if someone is standing behind the backrest during the massage and will not cause any harm to others when the chair is unfolded.

  • Which material to choose from

Seats for massage chairs are most often made of eco-leather or leatherette. These materials are resilient and comfortable to the touch, with characteristics reminiscent of natural leather. Their cotton backing helps to distribute the heat evenly during the massage. However, leather is definitely the more resistant and durable material. However, natural leather for massage chairs is quite expensive, and this is its main disadvantage. When the choice is limited by your budget, it’s better to choose a synthetic leather material of high quality.

  • Types of massages armchairs

There are three main types of massage chairs: roller massages, air compresses and vibrations, so let’s review each one separately.

  • The roller massage is excellent for relieving back pain and is available in all massage chairs. The balls-wheels run from the neck along the spine and thoroughly touch on the problem areas. Depending on the task, the rollers can roll, pat and tap the body. Some models also give an acupuncture massage which works by pinpointing the problem areas.
  • The air-compression massage gently targets areas of the body, relaxing the muscles. The effect is created by cushions that are inflated one at a time, which massage the shins, feet and hands. In this way the effect depends on the number of cushions in the armchair.
  • Vibrating massage with the vibration motors soothes and tones muscles at the same time. The desired result is created by discs that are attached to a small motor inside the chair. Due to the uneven distribution of weight, the disc creates vibrations that are then transmitted to the patient as it spins.

Now that you have a common understanding of massage chairs, making the choice will be much easier for you. However, in any case, please do not forget to consult your therapist beforehand.

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