Whether you’re a dedicated minimalist or a lover of collectibles, you can decorate your bedroom to promote rest and relaxation. For those who follow their horoscope and study the stars, decorating choices abound. To start your zodiac decorating journey, you may want to treat yourself to a personalized birthdate book celebrating your day. A star chart featuring your birth date or a fun print of your sign can also be a cozy addition to your space.

Start With the Basics

There may be fundamental aspects of your room that you can’t change, such as wall color. However, the elements of your space you can control are easy to customize to suit every aspect of your star sign’s personality.

Bed and Bedding

If you live alone and your bedroom is small, remember there’s nothing wrong with a twin bed. For those who already have a larger bed they love, look for ways to make it as multipurpose as possible. For example, a free-wheeling Sagittarius may choose to add cushions that provide seating support so you can turn your bed into a cozy lounge area.


Those in a small space may choose to put lifts under the bed so more storage can be added in roll-out bins. Zodiac signs like the regal Leo may want to add a canopy over a tall bed or a plush bedspread that touches the floor. Stairs for a pet can offer another royal touch — so can a tall jewelry armoire or a free-standing wardrobe.

Wall shelves and hanging baskets can also be attractive and useful in a bedroom, especially if you’re low on closet space. For example, a tidy Virgo may find a hanging quilt rack an ideal spot to store extra blankets during the summer months. A hanging wall basket at the head of the bed can be a fantastic spot for lotion, lip balm, or an overnight water bottle.

Storage is also critically important to the well-balanced Libra. Clutter can throw this sign off their game. A simple storage solution for this sign is a large, lidded box placed on top of a chest of drawers.

Window Treatments

The fabrics you use on your bed may differ from what you put on your windows. For example, those born under the sign of Scorpio may love rich tones of charcoal, ruby and midnight blue on their bed but balance out the color in the room by using sheers on the window to let in plenty of light.

Pisces may use window sheers for light and fresh air but choose cerulean blue and aqua to cover their bed. Pillows in sage green could add to the feeling of relaxing on the beach.

People of each sign will want to add light-filtering blinds to their windows to promote quality sleep and a cozy ambiance. If sleep is challenging or your bedroom windows get a great deal of light, consider adding lined blackout drapes to help you wind down completely.

Display Items

The display items in your bedroom should reflect what is closest to your heart. You may leave a journal on your nightstand to help you track the thoughts of your day. You may keep a list of gratitude points to consider each morning.

For those interested in how the stars impact their lives, a detailed study of the tarot in a meditative practice could be both a spiritual aid and a decorating tool. A morning tarot reading when your brain is fresh will be easier to accomplish if your tarot candles, cards, and guidebook are already out and beautifully displayed.

Decorative Pieces and Scent

Not everyone has space for decorative items in a bedroom. A simple way to spruce up the bedroom is to add a plant and decorate it with a fresh-scented zodiac candle. Storage pieces like jewelry boxes or antique tins can add useful, pretty touches.


For many people, plants are critical in a bedroom. This may mean that you need to clear space under and around windows so curtains can easily be moved; the darkness that boosts your sleep will not be kind to the houseplants that Taurus loves.


Whether you are a dedicated follower of the zodiac or are just getting started, a scented candle to suit both your tastes and the seasons could be a lovely way to freshen your bedroom.

When the cold winds blow and snow piles up outside, light a candle that scents your home with cedar and pine. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can enjoy a cozy ambiance with the warm glow of candlelight.

When spring comes and the flowers bloom, a lilac or rose-scented candle may be all you need. For those who can’t get to the seashore every day in the summer, a cheery ocean-inspired candle could be just what you need to freshen your outlook.

Natural Light

It is believed that the sign most likely to struggle to sleep well is Aquarius. This problem-solving sign loves to fix challenging problems and repair both their own lives and others, but they often can’t rest well because of it.

A simple way to help your brain wind down is to light a candle and meditate before it, letting your mind and eyes go unfocused. Why not treat yourself to a candle formulated for your actual birthdate and revel in the fragrance that fills your home as you release stress and relax your mind?


A new bedspread or candle could be all that you need to fall back in love with your bedroom. If your budget is tight, start with the one thing about the space that disappoints you, and put in an hour’s work fixing it. That may mean decluttering, cleaning, or rearranging. Light a candle to bless the changes, and relax in your cozy space!

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