Boosting your curb appeal can not only set your home apart from others in the neighborhood, but it can also increase your home’s value. Most buyers claim that they decide about a house before they ever walk through the front door. If the exterior of your house is a bit boring and could use a boost, you can start with your windows.

You can take the exterior of your home from the ordinary to the extraordinary when you dress up your windows. You can paint your casings in an accent color, add flower boxes, awnings, or shutters for a look that will really shine.

Adding warmth and character to your home is as easy as choosing a unique outdoor shutter from Doors Plus for your front and side windows. This can give your home a charming and classic look that your neighbors will adore. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways to dress up your exterior windows.


When your windows are installed, they will likely come with a white casing. While this look is neat and crisp, it doesn’t add any flair to your home. A simple weekend DIY project is to choose an accent color and paint your window casings. Make sure that the color that you pick is in the same tone range as the rest of your home and that your accent color is consistent with the different features of your home. If you want to freshen up your windows, you can stick with a plain white color to give them a boost.

Flower Boxes

Turn your home into a charming oasis when you add window flower boxes. You can enjoy the colorful blooms all year round, and you will be giving your window an elegant and festive dressing. Window boxes are easy to make yourself and should be attached to your windows with durable hardware. You can switch up your flowers throughout the year to reflect the seasonal changes.


Give your home a dramatic boost by adding awnings to your front windows. You can choose from several materials, including wood, steel, or fabric awnings. Choose your color to accent the rest of your home. You can add awnings in different sizes depending on the look that you want. Window awnings give you the benefit of shading the interior of your home in the summer and helping you to manage the temperature of your home.


If your windows look bare, but you aren’t sure about painting the casings, you could add shutters to make them stand out. Shutters can be both decorative and functional. Decorative shutters are often detailed with accents and don’t carry the hinge hardware that is needed to close them. Functional shutters will be made of more durable materials and have the movability to close them over your windows when the weather becomes harsh.


One of the simplest and most affordable ways to make your windows shine is to keep them clean. While you may routinely clean the inside of your windows, the exterior doesn’t always get the same treatment. You should be cleaning the outside of your windows seasonally to rid them of dust and dirt.

If you want to add some flair to your home’s exterior, you can try one of these window treatments to give you a new look.

Chloe Miller

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