There is a scheme in place in the UK at the moment which will entitle qualifying homeowners to a free boiler grant to have their old and inefficient boiler replaced with a new A-rated smart boiler. The government-backed Energy Companies Obligations (ECO) scheme gives the largest energy suppliers an obligation to help make British households more energy efficient and help to reduce their heating bills.

Providing free boiler grants towards energy efficient boilers to eligible households will help to lower the cost of heating homes and make a significant contribution to the country’s effort to reduce carbon emissions. Those who are eligible through the ECO scheme to get a free boiler grant could save several hundred pounds on their heating each year.

Does the boiler grant have to be repaid?

No, boiler grants are completely free and don’t have to be repaid at any point. There are no hidden terms and conditions that you need to worry about. The aim of the scheme is to help low-income households improve the energy efficiency of their home and so any grants are non-repayable. Those who qualify for a grant will either get a free or subsidised boiler replacement. In some cases, a contribution could be required towards the cost of the new boiler, but this will be made clear from the start of the process, after a free assessment of your home.

Who is eligible for a grant?

To qualify for a free boiler grant you firstly must be a homeowner with a boiler that is over 7 years old, any boilers that are under 7 are exempt from the scheme as it would be more cost effective to repair them than replace them with a new boiler.

The other requirement for you to be eligible for a free boiler grant is you must be in receipt of at least one of the income-related benefits listed below.

· Child tax credit

· Income related employment support allowance

· Income based job seekers allowance

· Income support

· Pension guaranteed credit

· Working tax credit

· Universal credit

· Disability living allowance

· Personal independence payment

· Attendance allowance

· Carer’s allowance

· Severe disablement allowance

· Industrial injuries disablement benefits

· Ministry of justice benefits

· War pensions mobility supplement

· Constant attendance allowance

· Armed forces independence payment

· Child benefit

If you or a member of your household receives one or more of these benefit types supplied by the UK government, it is very likely that you can qualify for the free boiler scheme.

How long does installation take?

A lot of homeowners who are getting a free boiler grant through the ECO will likely be keen to know exactly how long it will take for their new boiler to be installed and fully functional, especially if their current boiler is not working properly.

Specific schedules may vary slightly depending on availability of staff and equipment in your region at a given time. However, generally, it should not be more than 2-3 months from the point you apply to your completed installation, and you can enjoy your new environmentally friendly boiler.

Will the boiler come with a warranty?

If you get your boiler through the free boiler grant scheme, the installation of your new boiler will be covered by the same warranty you would receive from that boiler manufacturer. The length of any warranty can vary between brand and different boiler models, but it would typically be anything from 2-7 years. All aftercare will also be provided by us at Free Boiler Grants as part of our complete end-to-end service to you.

Find out if you qualify for a free boiler grant today by simply entering your postcode on our website.

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