A public toilet is a required facility for any building that has public access and multifamily units. Building owners often have to make sure that the toilet with public access is maintained well and renovated from time to time or else the toilet will swirl bot won’t flush. However, renovating an entire toilet is costly and time-consuming and for a building that has a lot of tenants, it can be quite vexing to have repairmen and workers come and go into the building as well as the constant noise, and of course, it would also mean that the toilet cannot be used.

The solution to this problem is of course to use toilet partitions that can be easily installed and will immediately give the toilet a facelift and will look brand new. However, with the many toilet partitions available in the market and the complexity of ensuring that what you order will fit into the toilet you are updating, it is imperative to know more about the system and how to use it.

Most importantly, installing a toilet stall can be done easily but for someone with no experience in this type of project, then it can be daunting. The reality is that there are very few new buildings in the area that now incorporate all the building specifications and regulations. In the past, it always depended on the architect and the engineers who built it.

As such, updating a toilet in an old building can be a challenge, and some would go for a complete renovation as it is more problematic to have to work around the existing layout and design.

But if you are working on a tight budget, it is far cost-effective to just install new toilet partitions. It is cheaper, easier to do and you will not be slammed with having to pay contractors and workers. Going through the information about toilet partitions will help anyone know more about working with a toilet stall and how to correctly install it.

Determine the Toilet Partitions You Need

Most of the time, repairs and renovations to the toilet are born out of necessity, or because one has to respond to a code violation as rules and guidelines are changing every couple of years. In the past a toilet partition was done with just ample space for the facility and some other function, nowadays one has to be mindful of whether it is accessible to persons with disabilities, the height of the toilet door, and even the swinging area of the door has to be accounted for.If the same is attached to the bathroom, make sure that the water heaters are also installed properly.

If you need to update or renovate your toilet in the building, then toilet partitions are the way to go. It is already pre-built according to code and if you follow the specific set of instructions to install it, then you just have solved the problem with your toilet requirements. But before you can do any of those things, you need to figure out first the design and layout of the bathroom. If you are completely renovating it, then you can change the layout but if you are going to do a face-lift or just an update, then you have to stick with the old layout and work from there.

Once you have this figured out, then you can decide which toilet stall you will need as well as the dimensions, the floor to ceiling height and the placement of the door, and the color, material, and make of the toilet stall. These are all needed so that you will get a toilet stall that you can just install immediately. For this to happen, it needs to fit like a glove in the existing bathroom.

Find the Best Toilet Partition Supplier

Toilet partitions are now a staple in any home building depot and hardware stores, and you can bring your measurements with you to the store and have staff help you find the correct one. This is possible if the store carries the toilet stall that you want, if so, then you could even ask them to install it for you for extra pay.

With the closure of several stores and businesses, the likelihood that you will find five-toilet partitions of the same size, material and color will be next to impossible. Thus, if you cannot source it locally, then you can go to online stores and websites of toilet stall suppliers.

They tend to have a wider selection of stalls and have quite a number of them on stock so that if you need five or more than that, it will not be a problem. You can contact their customer service representatives and ask them about the specific toilet stall you need, and they will help you find it.

You can also order the toilet partitions if it checks all the boxes in what you need right then, you can ask from them the lead time when it will be delivered to your building so you can have it installed right away.

Installing Toilet Partitions

Since the toilet partitions are in modular form, they can be easily installed even by non-professional workers.

The stalls come with very detailed instructions and you can install them on your own or with the help of skilled workers, you just need to follow the steps and you can have it installed in no time at all. You also do not have to worry about the other hardware and fixtures needed because when you order a bathroom stall, it will come as a complete set when it is delivered.

It will save you from having to guess the other aspects of the toilet partitions and you will finish the renovation in the shortest time. It would mean less hassle for the tenants of the building and all the other users of the restrooms as you need to have it closed while the renovation is ongoing.

If you are not confident to install the stalls on your own, then you can hire a professional to do it and it can even be done in a day.

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