If you have Whirlpool appliances in your home, you probably want to be able to use them for many years to come. Nobody likes spending more money than they have to and it’s much better for the environment to keep appliances for a long time rather than constantly buying new ones. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to prolong the life of your Whirlpool appliances, regardless of whether you have a cooker or a washer-dryer. Here are some steps you can start implementing today:

Quality replacement parts

If you have well-known and high quality Whirlpool appliances at home, then you should always buy high-quality replacement parts for Whirlpool appliances, as choosing cheaper alternatives can compromise the functionality of your machine. Try to find retailers that stock genuine Whirlpool parts, or reach out to the manufacturer to find out where you can find compatible ones. Cheap parts often break shortly after they’ve been installed, which will mean you’ll have to spend even more money or maybe even buy a brand-new appliance. If you have any doubts about how you should install parts, ask a professional for advice, as installing parts incorrectly can do just as much damage as bad-quality parts.

Pay attention to instructions

A Whirlpool instruction manual comes with your appliances for a reason, so before you disregard everything it says, stop for a moment and have a read. Some Whirlpool appliances need to be set up in a particular way and ignoring this can set you up for a whole host of issues further down the line. Once you’ve set up your appliance, put the manual in a safe place, as it could be useful if your appliance ever breaks. Sometimes faults and errors can be easily fixed at home and don’t require an expert’s touch, be it your air conditioner or light system.

Clean your appliances

Dirt, dust, and general build-ups can cause your Whirlpool appliances to slow down and eventually break, so make sure you’re cleaning them regularly. Each appliance will require a slightly different approach to cleaning, but once you make this a regular part of your routine, you won’t have to think twice. For example, cleaning your washing machine might involve running a hot cycle and wiping away any fibers that are caught in the rubber seal. Cleaning your cooker, on the other hand, will involve a bit more elbow grease and special cleaning products.

Store your appliances safely

If you’re moving house or need to put some Whirlpool appliances in storage, you need to protect them to avoid damage. Use plenty of bubble wrap when packing your appliances into a removal van, paying particular attention to corners where buttons could easily be cracked or broken off. If you’re storing appliances in a garage or basement, check for any signs of dampness and use dust sheets for extra protection. It’s all too common for people to unpack their appliances from storage locations and find they’ll no longer turn on due to improper care.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to using your Whirlpool appliances for many years. Don’t forget if your appliance breaks before its warranty is up, contact the manufacturer for some help.

Dominic Wong

Dominic Wong, holding a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, has 20 years of experience in the home appliance sector. He joined our website as a freelancer in 20119, sharing his deep understanding of appliance functionality, energy efficiency, and consumer trends. Previously, Dominic worked in appliance design and testing. His background also includes roles in product development and consumer research. An advocate for sustainable technology, he enjoys mountain biking and experimenting with smart home gadgets in his spare time.

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