Careers in construction are in extremely high demand in 2022. The new infrastructure spending that was approved by Congress, and the business boom that’s happening as the pandemic calms down, have both contributed to the need for quality construction employees. For those who are considering following this career path, however, knowing where to start can be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, we’ve put together this amazing guide that will teach you how to turn your passion for construction into an actual career:

Step 1: Know Why You’re Following this Path

Before you make a giant leap into this new career path, it’s important to know exactly why you want to craft a career in construction. While there are many, many amazing benefits to the job, it can be taxing and requires a constant level of dedication and hard work. If you’re considering taking the leap, however, simply sitting down and writing five specific reasons you’re doing so is recommended.

Consider your passions when creating this list. Not only will it help you determine if you’re truly ready for a career in construction, but it will help you handle the other four steps within this guide as well. Many people join construction jobs to feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of every workday, as every day will allow you to see your projects becoming that much closer to completion. On top of this, the amazing mental and physical health benefits that occur from the work-heavy construction career path prove attractive to a wide variety of people looking for lifelong careers. If you decide the career path is right for you, you’ll be excited to realize just how much demand there is for new construction workers throughout the United States in 2022.

Step 2: Know What Career Path You Want to Build

Every major industry has a wide variety of different career paths to follow. Construction is no different and might sport a wider variety of potential career paths than many other major industries you can think of. Management is one of the biggest options people opt to aim for, but there are many work-heavy, hands-on career paths to follow as well. As you develop the list we’ve asked you to compile in the previous step, you’ll have the information you need to decide on a specific construction-centric career path.

Knowing your career path preferences from the start can be difficult as an outsider to the industry. However, having at least a basic understanding of where you might want to go is important. With this knowledge, you can begin building up a more specific career path shortly after entering the construction industry.

Step 3: Always Expand Your Knowledge and Skill Sets

One of the most satisfying and challenging parts of the construction industry is the sheer amount of knowledge and skill sets that are present on any one job site. As you make your career path known, expanding upon your current knowledge and skillsets is an absolute must.

Finding potential mentorships within your workplace can prove incredibly helpful in this regard. Additionally, there are many different types of licenses and skill-set boosters you can gain to help push you further down your preferred construction career path. As you aim to gain these, you should also become an expert at all the different power tools and other machinery you’ll be needing to use daily.

Step 4: Train Specifically for Your Next Desired Position

While generally expanding your knowledge and skillset is always a must for those building a construction career, it’s often important to get more specific as well. If you know the exact position you’re aiming to enter next, you need to sit down and figure out the areas you can train in to make your chances of gaining that position skyrocket.

Management goals are often helped out by actual degrees that will help you combine your construction skillsets and know-how with a more math and business-minded approach to your job. In some cases, your employer may even help fund your education if they want you to take on a management position within their company. After all, a solid boss understands the importance of retaining and cultivating the talent within their staff.

Step 5: Communicate Your Career Goals to Those Who Can Help

As we’ve mentioned a few times already, your boss and mentors are your best friend when it comes to advancing your construction career. Seeking out higher-ups, and those with the type of job experience you want is key to pushing yourself to the next level. If you find yourself in a dead-end workplace, be sure to seek out a more supportive, opportunity-filled workplace to jump into. Thankfully, with the massive demand needed to finish the plethora of current construction projects out there, it’s become much easier for construction workers to follow their dream career paths.

Your Future is Looking Bright

With these five steps, you can slowly but surely build yourself a stellar, high-paying, and satisfying career in the construction industry. Be sure to take plenty of time during the early steps, as this will help you ease into the industry, at which point you can decide if the career path is truly right for you. If you find that it is, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make this dream career a reality.

Evan Zhang

Evan Zhang earned his Master’s in Construction Management from the University of Michigan and has 9 years of experience in commercial and residential construction. Evan joined our website as a freelancer in 2019, providing insights into construction methodologies, building codes, and safety standards. His background includes working as a site manager and a construction consultant. Evan also worked on various urban development and infrastructure projects. Evan is a DIY enthusiast and a mentor for young professionals entering the construction field.

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