An essay is a multifaceted academic assignment that has many types. For example, students may encounter this type of essay as an enduring issue essay, and more often than not this topic concerns historians, anthropologists, or students majoring in social studies. Learn the intricacies of an enduring issue essay, how to structure it properly, and what to write about.

What is an enduring issue essay?

An enduring issue is a problem that has been, and continues to be, unresolved throughout the history of humanity. People are still faced with this problem daily, which is why it is so much needed to discuss and offer options to solve it.

Writing an essay about an enduring problem is a test of students’ erudition and a great way to find as many solutions to an enduring problem as possible. Since these problems are relevant to different generations, we can see their impact on different periods of people’s lives.

To prove that the problem is enduring and cannot be ignored, the student must explain exactly how it has affected several societies and what consequences have occurred.

General requirement enduring issue essay

To get on the right path to solving an enduring problem, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Find out the type of problem
  • Formulate a thesis statement and one clear argument – you can do this by looking at the overall outline of the essay. Be sure to trace how the problem has developed at different times, as this is one of the main goals of the essay
  • Gather all the information you can – be sure to take notes. Look for various scholarly records about it. You can’t have too much detail in an enduring issue essay; you should write out everything in as much detail as possible
  • Both quality and quantity matter – We used to think that quality is better than quantity and essays should be written as concisely as possible, but this principle does not work in this type of essay. Quality and quantity go hand in hand, be more detailed in your statements. If you have shown brevity, it means you have not analyzed the whole situation
  • Do not summarize – the article should not be dry and look like a statistical report

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Creating an enduring issue essay plan

A quality plan can help you concentrate during the writing process and not get distracted by unnecessary things. Every successful essay on an enduring problem has the following parts:

  • In the introduction – after researching a lot of information, you need to choose the most important thing from the whole flow of words. The introduction should answer why this is important (this problem). Try to make this part concise and informative at the same time
  • Body – the most classic version of any essay is to divide the main body into three paragraphs, each of which will be responsible for a different state of the problem. The most important thing is for any argument in favor of a particular opinion to be consistent with the above thesis statement
  • Conclusion – The introduction and conclusion are summaries highlighting the essay’s main points and emphasizing your opinion. The conclusion should also be concise but not leave out any important details. The conclusion should show exactly how you have applied your critical thinking

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How to form a thesis statement?

An issue essay needs a strong thesis statement. You can use one of the following methods to form a thesis statement:

  • Question and answer process – express your main idea in the form of a question, then your essay will take the form of a whole research paper
  • Use contradictions -explore two sides of the coin of one question. In doing so, cite various statistics and research data to support both assertions
  • A roadmap outline -experts recommend this outline. It looks like this: first, the claim is presented, then the position of the claim and the argument in support

If you figure out the details, you can write an enduring issue essay well. Even though it is a rather complicated type of essay, you only need to know its definition of purpose and structure to succeed.

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