The division of the house territory is determined by its location, total area, number of family members, and range of interests. Even in relatively small areas, landscape design tricks can build multifunctional garden plots. And unusually designed and harmoniously fitting lawns can create a single composition.

The space around the house plays an important role. After all, there you can place outdoor furniture to relax yourself or invite guests. Gathering friends at your house for a grill party is indispensable without bar furniture. Also, swimming pool furniture is simply a necessary component in hot weather for sunbathing. There is a place where the best outdoor furniture can be found.

​​Some zoning tips and ideas for your outdoor place:

Separation by a low curb

Plots with a lawn and flower beds can be separated from each other by a low edge, composed of stones of similar size and colour. Due to the difference in textures of the lawn, flower beds, and edges, a good option for deep zoning will come out. The border can also divide the beds and the lawn, so it will visually divide the territory into zones for rest and work.

On uneven ground

A site located on a slope should be divided into zones vertically. With the help of terracing, each site can be adapted to its functionality. Zones should be located so that it is comfortable to use the land. For example, if you arrange a path with steps, they will smooth out the level difference. Also, the visual effect of zoning can be enhanced by using various materials. Stones and lush grass in one part of the garden, sand in another.

Paved paths

Paths made of stone or tiles often act as visual boundaries for parts of the site. Due to the difference in textures and colours, a very clear visual separation will be obtained. At the same time, light access to plants will remain, since the paths do not cast a shadow. And this is very important for growing crops.

Tapestries and pergolas

They are often used as supports for climbing plants. But they are also useful for the proper zoning of sites. A trellis of grapes, hops, and other climbing plants can be used to block exhaust fumes in a parking lot or keep out the light in a playground.


The fence can be both high and long, or very small. A high green fence makes it possible to emphasise any area, and hide from the eyes what the owner does not want or does not consider necessary to show. Lilac, juniper, boxwood, hydrangea, and yew are suitable for hedges. You can plant corn, or sunflowers as well. But they will have to be planted anew every year.

Open zoning by a reservoir

A pond, a small lake, or any body of water can be the main element of the composition. And build around it a summer kitchen, flower beds, and recreation areas. Territories separated by a body of water will be perceived independently of each other.

Colour zoning

It is a well-known fact that plants with red, white, or yellow flowers cheer people up and create a festive atmosphere. The entrance area of ​​the site in the spring can be decorated with red, yellow, and orange tulips, as well as daffodils. Summer decorations will be beautiful thanks to shrubs with purple foliage. And evergreen and coniferous plants will create the impression of completeness and solidity.

A flower garden of orange, yellow, purple, and blue flowers will fence off a playground or recreation area. This colour scheme is able to please even on a cloudy day and will be able to attract everyone’s attention.

For a zone of comfortable rest, plants with flowers of not very bright, pastel colours are suitable. These colours will help you relax and tune into a peaceful atmosphere. Most of all, shrubs with silvery foliage, as well as plants with bordered white foliage, are optimal for these purposes. Plants blooming in white and pink will set you in a good mood in a corner for relaxation.

Symmetric zoning

The main role in this type of composition is assigned to conifers: thuja, juniper, and euonymus. They have unique shades of blue, golden, and bright green, and when combined with each other, they can delight the eye all year round.

Asymmetric view of garden zoning

Express and emphasise the fence and gate of your villa. The main emphasis is on the evergreen spruce.

A playground is a place where kids play often and for a long time. It is best to fence it off with a multi-colored front garden of plants that are safe for health. After all, children prefer everything colourful and unusual, so they can be damaged during the game.

Zoning the garden for peace. This area should cheer you up and help you relax at the same time after a tiring day at work. The best framing option here would be soft pastels and delicately delicate flowers and shrubs.

In conclusion, it is very important and necessary to zone the space properly. After all, it is primarily for your comfort and convenience. Plus, it will visually delimit the site and allow you to use the space rationally.

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