How to choose interior doors depending on materials, door style, and appearance? A responsible approach will help buy the right door leaf and fittings, harmoniously fitting into the room’s design, entrance area, or balcony. The door is a part of the interior you admire and use daily. Therefore, it must be durable, hard-wearing, and not afraid of moisture and bumps.

The most important thing in each article, as well as in interior house doors, is a rational price-quality ratio. With all this in mind, it is easy to avoid cheating on the part of sellers. It is essential to understand what room and for what you need to order interior doors. If they are installed in the workers’ room for several months, then even the cheapest analogs can cope with such a task. Considering that the estimated service life of the interior doors is ten years or more until the next repair, it is advisable to choose doors of appropriate quality.

Materials used for interior doors

Choosing interior doors should begin with the design and appearance and materials and end with design features and measurement of the master.

1. Wooden

If you are looking for eco-friendliness and have a reasonable budget, it is better to pay attention to a door made of wood. It looks great, doesn’t emit harmful substances, is durable, and can be repaired. Unfortunately, wooden doors, especially those made of hardwood, are expensive. Softwood panels are cheaper, but they look less impressive. Another disadvantage of the material is susceptibility to moisture. As a result, a wooden door in the kitchen or bathroom can swell and close poorly. If you can’t afford such solid wood construction, choose the more budget-friendly veneered models.

2. Glass

Installing a high-quality glass door, for example, requires more care. The disadvantages end there. At the same time, such an interior construction creates a visual effect and an attractive appearance. An interior door for home is a great way to dignify the room and let in more sunlight.

3. Composite constructions

Doors made of MDF have an excellent appearance and affordable price. They do not fear moisture, so they will fit perfectly into the kitchen and bathroom interior. Such a door may be coated with a particular film imitating the wood or natural veneer structure. MDF doors are durable and soundproof.

 Interior doors types

How to choose an interior door depending on the method of opening and construction? First, you can focus on the types of construction which are manufactured industrially and are characterized by the most incredible practicality and ease of use, as well as according to the following classes.

Standard swing

The most common are swing doors. They are installed in most living rooms. They do not require the installation of guides and the construction of empty walls, which will hide the door leaf when opened. Instead, such a door requires more space. You need to carefully consider the furniture placement and other nuances so that when you open it, the construction is not blocked and does not disturb you. Swing doors have good sound insulation and are one of the cheapest options. Their installation does not require special constructions, complex systems, or tools.

 2. French doors

French doors dividing the interior rooms are usually made of glass and wood. Such a performance looks especially elegant and graceful. The choice of such a door is appropriate in any room, but this option is incredibly successful for small spaces and terraces. These models consist of two sashes, which are connected in the center.

3. Barn doors

These doors are characterized by not opening but sliding along the wall. If they are hidden inside the wall space, they are called pocket doors. If you want to install such structures, you should know their advantages. It is the absence of a threshold, saving space in the room and behind it, and stylish design. Such options are suitable for the classic, modern, and high-tech.

Whatever interior door you have not chosen in the house, remember that much depends on the fittings. After all, your door will only serve reliably and for a long time with high-quality accessories.

 Possible design features of interior doors

It should be noted that all options are almost the same in terms of convenience, but each design has its peculiarities. The following types of doors are known:

  1. Frame and panel construction. It represents a door leaf with a wooden frame and MDF sheets covering it. Cellular cardboard filler is used for additional rigidity and deformation.
  2. The paneled construction: refers to some extent to a prefabricated structure; the feature is that it is not only the frame made of solid wood but also the crossbars that separate the panels and glass inserts. Such doors are strong, resistant to warping, and practical. In most cases, this construction is used for doors of classic design.
  3. Assembled construction – is one of the most popular among buyers. It allows you to combine glass inserts, panels, moldings, and a variety of crossbars. Another convenient thing is that this construction allows a separate replacement of a damaged element, which helps to save the family budget.

The price for panel doors is the most affordable, while the price for paneled doors is the highest. Solid panel and veneered doors are the most durable.

Final words

So, we looked at how to choose doors for your home. It would be best if you decided on the interior door even before the beginning of the repair or decoration works, although they are often mentioned in the last place.

First, it is essential to know the style and color of interior doors because it is necessary to match them with the entrance door, which is installed in the initial stages of repair. The door’s color is also crucial for properly selecting skirting boards because they are usually matched to the tone of the door leaf and platband.

Secondly, you need to consider the type and characteristics of the door because, for some interior designs, it is necessary to build a special recess, install rails and mount a hollow plasterboard partition.

Although the door is installed closer to the end of the repair, it is desirable to decide on their choice in advance. It is better to buy the door leaves, frames, and all the necessary fittings in the first place.

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