If you’re feeling a little bit stuck in a rut when it comes to your daily schedule, then perhaps it’s time to try something new. This might mean sampling a new hobby or two. There are plenty of options these days, and you’ll find a few below.

Cooking and Baking

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to become a better cook or baker. Then watch a few tutorials, and perhaps learn with a friend to start baking or cooking.

Choose simple recipes at first, and be meticulous in following the instructions. You can start experimenting after you have a few successes to your name. You can work up to preparing a special meal for your family or baking some treats to share.


Maybe you love spending time outside, growing beautiful things. Then your new hobby might be gardening. Set aside a small plot in your yard to get started, or even focus your first efforts on window boxes. Choose plants that are easy to cultivate and suitable for your area’s climate and soil. You can end up with beautiful flowers or fresh vegetables to enjoy.


Some people don’t think of reading as a hobby, but it can actually be a relaxing and fun way to spend your time. Stop in at your local library, and have a chat with a librarian, who can recommend some books based on your interests.

Don’t try to read too many at once if you aren’t currently in the habit of reading. Choose one, and dedicate some time to it each day. Pretty soon you’ll probably find yourself caught up in the book and unwilling to put it down.


Crafts make an excellent hobby. Maybe you’ve long desired to learn how to sew or paint or do ceramics. See if there is a community education class available in your area that can help you get started. Otherwise, watch some videos online, or ask a friend who practices the craft. Choose a small project at first so that you don’t get overwhelmed.


For another relaxing option, you might try a variety of puzzles. This might mean picking up some crossword, sudoku or wordsearch books or apps, or it could mean setting up a jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw apps are available on many devices these days, too. You’ll use your brain in new ways, and you’ll probably connect with friends and family members as they look over your shoulder with interest.


Games, too, can provide almost endless enjoyment. You might try a role-playing game online or gather some friends for an ongoing tournament with your favorite board or card game. Even easy games on your phone or tablet can be a lot of fun.


Finally, you might turn your attention to collecting. There are so many possibilities here. You might collect everything from baseball cards to pottery to jewelry to toys. Read up on your chosen collectible, and learn all about its history and prices. You can shop online or in antique or thrift stores or both for hours of enjoyment.

Hobbies can be a wonderful way to spend your time, so sample a few to find one that best fits your interests and your life.

Ayush Bhansin

Ayush Bhansin has a degree in General Studies focusing on Interdisciplinary Sciences from Harvard University and has been a versatile contributor and analyst for 12 years. He offers a broad perspective on topics ranging from technology to lifestyle. His previous experience includes roles in market research and as a freelance journalist. He has brought his broad knowledge to various general content, providing insightful analysis and commentary. He is an emerging technology enthusiast and actively participates in various intellectual forums. He is also a classical music aficionado and enjoys exploring different culinary traditions.

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