Knee joint arthritis is the most common debilitating knee issue. It is highly painful and badly influences your mobility. You might get on one or both knees. Swelling and stiffness are prominent symptoms. It is hard to find a 100 percent cure for the disease. The treatment aim at easing the symptoms and preventing the further progression of the condition. If you are sick of taking tons of painkillers to suppress the pain but without improvement, go for PEMF therapy for dealing with knee joint problems.

How Does Knee Disease Start?

Your knee is the junction of three bones: thighbone (femur), shinbone (tibia), and kneecap (patella). A substance called cartilage cushions the bones to prevent them from rubbing against each other. The synovial membrane is another tissue in the joint area that lubricates the cartilage. The damage to these layers results in knee joint diseases. There are more than a hundred knee joint problems. The most common ones are

  1. Osteoarthritis: The condition results in the wearing down of cartilage. As a consequence, there is rubbing of bones causing severe pain, stiffness, and less mobility. Further worsening of the condition may lead to the formation of a bone spur.
  2. Post-Traumatic Arthritis: It begins with the thinning of cartilage due to some trauma or knee injury. The symptoms include pain, stiffness, and difficulty in movements. The symptoms may or may not appear immediately but sometimes after a few years.
  3. Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system becomes responsible for inflammation in joints where there is no foreign invader. Pain and stiffness damage the synovial membrane and wear down cartilage.

Reasons for Knee Joint Problems

There are many factors to increase the possibility of knee joint diseases. These include

Age: Older adults are more prone to developing knee joint issues than younger ones.

Bone Anomaly: People with crooked bones and joints are at a high risk of knee issues.

Gout: It is an inflammatory condition that leads to osteoarthritis.

Trauma: An injury, accident, or other trauma could be responsible for weak knees later.

Stress: Physical stress on knee joints due to strenuous physical activity can cause knee issues.

Weight: Being overweight means carrying an extra load on your knees.

Signs Of Having Knee Joint Diseases

If you are having any of the following signs it is an indication that your knees are not in their best form.

● Creaking or grinding noise

● Difficulty in walking

● Changes in joint pain intensity in changing weather

● Enlarged knees due to swelling

● Stiffness with less range of motion

● Knee buckling

Treatment of Knee Joint Problems

Knee joint issues are difficult to cure or reverse in most cases. The treatments may help manage the symptoms and prevent the condition from getting worse. Treatment of the disease is mostly carried out with medication, injections, steroids, supplementation, acupuncture, or physical therapies. If these methods fail to cure the knee disease, your doctor might suggest surgical procedures. The common ones are arthroplasty, arthroscopy, and osteotomy. However, there is no assurance of full recovery.

PEMF for Knee Joint Problems

Why suffer from knee joint problems when you can avail of PEMF therapy? Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is an advanced technology that effectively works to reduce body inflammation. It promotes the natural healing potential of the cells by enhancing the energy supply at the problem area. It enables the cells to reverse cellular dysfunction. PEMF is a noninvasive, risk-free, and pain-free modality. It uses the principle of optimizing the body’s electromagnetic environment. The whole journey of self-healing is attained through using PEMF devices. These tools are highly efficient for generating pulsating electromagnetic waves of perfect strength and frequency.

Moreover, you can conduct the therapy anytime or at any place, at work, at home, or during traveling. The therapy focuses on improving body conditions to contribute to overall body wellness. Do you need a perfect device for your problematic joints, visit to find what you need with multiple settings and price options?

How Does PEMF Cure Knee Joint Problems?

PEMF works for the following aspects which are both directly or indirectly linked with knee joint problems. These are

● Inflammation in soft tissue or joints

● Osteoporosis

● Slow wound healing

● Nonunion fractures

● Chronic fatigue

● Peripheral neuropathy


Every move you make is incomplete involving knee joints. Knee joint problems are annoying. These adversely impact your performance and keep you from doing your favorite activities. Are you looking for full functional mobility? Try the PEMF technique and get relief from knee joint problems.

Maya Singh

Maya Singh is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a Master’s in Public Health who has been a prominent figure in health education and wellness advocacy for over 20 years. Her previous roles include public health researcher and wellness coach. She has provided insights into healthy living, disease prevention, and healthcare policies. Her background includes practicing in community health centers and lecturing at medical schools. She enjoys trail running and volunteering in health awareness programs in her leisure time. She is also a certified yoga instructor who passionately advocates holistic health approaches.

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