Plumbing system is the heartbeat of your home. It is one of the systems that keep your household moving. Whenever you are in your home, you desire to have some water flowing in your taps. It feels good when you can take a shower on your bathroom without any worries. Also, it is awesome when your toilet is working efficiently. You have overall peace of mind.

However, this is not always the case. Every house has potential of experiencing plumbing issues. These issues can be emergencies while others are preventable. Some require a plumber attention but others you can fix them yourself.

For this reason, plumbers need to be your close contacts. But despite having one by your side, there are some things they will never tell you. Here are some of them:

Not everything with flushable label is good for your drainage system

Probably, you have come across many packages carrying the word flushable on their labels. Tampons, diapers, and sanitary pads might have this label. So, you are certain that they will not cause issues in your drainage system. Many people are comfortable flushing such debris down the drain via their toilets.

When you call a plumber, they will not say information about the so called flushable debris. Unless you ask them, they will fix the issue affecting your system and leave. You will continue flushing the materials which will guarantee them a consistent job. Who would hate that anyway?

When handling the flushable debris, you need to be careful. The makeup of such materials is not the same with that of toilet paper. When you flush them, they will not breakdown. Also, modern toilet fixtures focus on water-saving. So, they will not clear this debris from your drainage system leading to potential plumbing issues in future.

Be conscious when washing greasy elements

Washing cooking elements on the sink is a common practice in many households. You too do the same. But what you should know is that you are creating a potential disaster. A plumber will not tell you to stop this habit.

Grease, oil, and fat are the main reason for clogging of the kitchen sink. Though the oil get to the drain in liquid form, it solidify and attach on the pipe walls. This way, it forms a solid element that block the flow of water down the drain. You can avoid clogged sinks by refraining from washing greasy and oily items on your sinks.

Keep your faucets off during winter

Frozen pipes is a usual issue during winter. This problem causes pipes to burst and can be disastrous in your house. But you can prevent it. You do not need to spend any coin to keep your house from frozen pipe problem. All you need is to do a simple think turn off the faucets. No plumber will tell you this but it can save your expensive repair costs.

You can replace the toilet handle yourself

Every time you have an issue on your plumbing system or toilet, the next thing you do is to call a plumber. Though working with reputable plumbing service providers such as Fixed Today Plumbing is a good idea, sometimes you do not require a plumber. For instance, you can fix or replace a toilet handle. The task is simple and requires no plumber to complete.

Working with a licensed plumber is essential

When working with a plumber, they will rarely disclose whether they are licensed or not. Most plumbers keep this as a secret as it can impact their reputation and compensation. But as a homeowner, it is essential to know the type of plumber you are involving in your project.

Working with a licensed plumber always guarantees professionalism and peace of mind. So, always assess the kind of plumber handling your plumbing system to avoid regrettable consequences.

As you can see, plumbers will not share everything with you. So, it is your responsibility to do your background check before engaging a plumber on your task.

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