The flowers are blooming; the trees are turning to their brightest green & the sun is starting to come out to play – Spring is here, and Summer is creeping up, just around the corner, so prepping your New York home means ensuring your roof is ready for all the sunny days ahead! When you begin the process of Spring cleaning and general maintenance for your roof, you may be hopping on Google searching for ‘the best NYC roofers near me,’ and you would be right to turn to the experts for a professional inspection, maintenance, and cleaning services.

When it comes to hopping up on your roof, it is not always something homeowners want to forgo alone; however, there are some things you can do to prep your home for warm weather and sunlight exposure. Maintenance and cleaning are essential when you own a home in New York, but you have to know where to get started and how to prep your home and roofing materials for the Summertime properly.

Clean Out Those Gutters

During the harsh winter months across the East Coast, your gutters take a real beating and hold up tons of responsibility for your household. They are the first thing you want to check out before cleaning. Gutters are meant to protect our homes from water, and they channel H2O from your roof to other areas outside the home. If you didn’t have a working gutter system in place, your roof would be packed with debris, and it could succumb to water damage quickly – that water could even begin to seep through to the attic and other areas of the house.

Winters can bring along leaves, twigs, sticks, dirt, grime, and various debris, which can clog up your gutters. If your gutters are stopped, your home has no defense against water, and neither does your roof, siding, or foundation. This will also attract insects and other pests looking for a home away from home. To avoid all this, you will want to ensure your gutters are cleaned out and ready for Spring. This may require a professional inspection because if there is damage, that will require repairs or possible replacement.

Be Sure to Check for Dirt, Debris & Mold

Your gutters are not the only thing that will fill up with debris – the rest of your roof is subject to the same issues, but these are typically things you can see at first glance. You will also want to do a walk-around to inspect your roofing areas and siding. The East Coast is known for its frigid, wet, and snowy conditions in the winter months, and with the snow comes intense moisture, and that is the one thing you don’t want lingering around once things begin to heat up.

If you have moisture that sticks around, it can turn into a much larger problem resulting in mildew, algae, and mold. While things like algae and moss seem friendly in nature, they can cause your roofing materials to crack, decreasing the lifespan of your roof as a whole. It should be removed as swiftly as possible with the proper cleaning tools and solutions to restore your roof to normal. Mold can be a bit more challenging to determine, requiring you to get your hands dirty and pop down into the attic to check the walls. If you notice any mildew, mold, or moisture, it may be time to bring in local roofing experts for additional support through the cleaning process.

Check Out Your Roofing Materials

Inspecting your roof materials is crucial in determining the current quality of your roof and checking for possible leaks or damage. Your roof is constantly exposed to all elements, animals, etc., which can result in regular wear and tear. Still, it can also end up in a position that compromises your home’s security. Over time, your roof’s shingles may buckle, crack, curl, or be detached and blown away.

A missing shingle is a problem that you need to address immediately, and you can avoid it through regular inspections and maintenance. Replacing missing shingles must be completed as quickly as they are discovered to ensure your home has proper insulation and water damage or deterioration protection. It is best to bring on a roofing pro to complete any repairs or replacements necessary to restore your roof back to its original condition.

Clean Off Your Roof

Cleaning your roof is a give-in due to all the debris that can collect on the surface. Begin cleaning but spotting any more oversized items sitting on top of your home – twigs, branches, etc. These items can scratch up your roof and create vulnerabilities it wouldn’t otherwise be so susceptible to.

Once all the leaves and sticks are cleared off your roof, you can move in with the waterworks. Grab your hose and any kind of gentle cleaning solution to scrub down and wash off your roof. You do not want to approach your roof cleaning with anything abrasive in nature. Never attempt to utilize a pressure washer or extreme chemicals when cleaning your roof, as these are way too harsh and can cause irreversible damage.

Book a Roofing Professional for Regular Maintenance

Cleaning and prepping your roof for Spring and summer can feel like a chore. Life is busy and unpredictable, and it is not always easy to find the time to clean and regularly commit to this maintenance. Routine check-ups are necessary for the general upkeep of your roof. Proper care and maintenance will always pay off as you can extend the lifespan, ensure the safety of your home and family, avoid costly repairs or replacement needs, and protect the value and equity of your house.

Smart Roofers NY offers expert roof maintenance, installation, repair, replacement, and cleaning services in New York, New Jersey, and nearby neighborhoods. Their roofing technicians are dedicated to providing expert maintenance options to ensure the safety and comfort of clients’ homes and roofs. Preparing your roof for Summer is made easy when you have the support of a local roofing company at your disposal, and it is worth your while to invest in the continued upkeep of your roof for the health of your household and the safety of your home!

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