Are you going to be putting a lot of items into self-storage soon? Storage units are fantastic, and they are a perfect way to ensure you have a place to keep all of the items important to you as safe as possible. Of course, if you haven’t used these facilities before, it can be overwhelming. Below, you will find some tips to make storing items a little easier.

Check the Restrictions

First, know what can and can’t be stored in the unit. All storage companies will have rules and regulations for self-storage. Make sure you read them and abide by them. If you have any questions, it’s better to ask well ahead of time.

Pack Right

When packing, you want to keep your items safe. Protect them by using decent boxes and packing materials. With some of your belongings, you may find that disassembling them first will help to keep them safe. It can also make storage easier, particularly for larger items.

Keep Inventory of the Boxes Being Stored

You should also make sure to inventory each of the boxes. Know what is going into each box, and then number the box. Tape a packing slip securely to the box, so you can access it if needed. Additionally, you should have a computer log of each box and the items within. This can make finding what you need later much easier. It’s worth the work.

Pack the Unit Strategically

When you start to put boxes and items into the self-storage unit, you’ll find that it’s tempting to just shove all of the boxes inside. That’s a bad idea, though. You need to be strategic about it.

Think about what you might need from the items you are storing, and make sure you have easy access to them. The boxes you don’t need can be tucked away. You will be thankful that you have a strategy when filling up the unit when it comes time to find some random, important piece of paperwork in three months.

Now that you have a few of these tips to help you, it should be easier to get your belongings into self-storage.

Cameron Green

Cameron Green is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a degree in Business Logistics. He has been a self-storage expert and consultant for 15 years. His prior experience includes managing a self-storage facility and logistics planning. His background includes roles in operations management and as a professional organizer. In his free time, he is an amazing astronomer and a mentor in small business development programs. He also enjoys mountain biking and is a volunteer in local community organizing.

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