Thanks to image-based social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, as well as the décor ideas section Home Senator has, you’ll never struggle for inspirations and ideas when looking to design your home. However, a lot of what’s out there either represents a current trend or offers remnants of a previous trend, such as having green bathrooms. In any case, a much more enjoyable, far less scroll-grindy, and potentially eccentric way to go about finding home décor inspiration is through entertainment. We’re not going to go as far as the bright Echo Neon lights for your bedroom, but we have picked some of the more out-there designs.

Embracing an All-out Wall Mural

A quintessentially Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), found on iTunes, is an incredibly pleasing watch and, among other accolades, won the Academy Award for Best Production Design. Acting, writing, and costume design were all world-class, but it’s Anderson’s distinct style, way of framing his shots, and the designs around the hotel that really make the movie stand out. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its iconic look is the subject of GoodHouseKeeping’s article decoration piece. There are many instantly-recognizable accent pieces from the film, such as the antler-legged desk, but what is clearly the most eye-catching and out-there selection of the film’s sets is the wall mural of Grand Teton.

Now, you don’t have to go for a Grand Teton wall mural as the mural trend Homes&Gardens piece details that any can make a powerful statement, with the power of a dramatic mural being unrivalled. There are many designs within the wall mural space that are all worth considering and feature among the categories of RebelWalls. You could go down the cartography route with large maps or home-in on something like a cityscape. Equally, patterns, dioramas, and floral designs can also be a good way to go.

Get a Summery, Mediterranean Vibe with Mosaics

Before you say anything, yes, there are classy ways to go about applying mosaics to décor – street art hasn’t exclusively claimed the medium just yet. For this particular type of decor, we can look to another type of entertainment for inspiration, a sector that’s long been associated with style and glamour; the casino industry. Elegantly demonstrated in the Pragmatic Play studio for Live Roulette 1 – Azure within the live casino Betway offering, the real-time game takes place in the foreground, while the backdrop lives up to its “Azure” name. An exotic, mixed geometric pattern of sorts features as select, single panel strips that highlight the walls, and what would initially feel like an accent can become the primary feature, and a very unique one at that.

But what room would you add this feature in? As displayed in this mosaic art Mozaico piece, a mosaic backsplash can transform your kitchen both for its flair and functionality. It could all be one colour, but creating a design that fits the kitchen theme or blending a few different colours into a gradient can add that little bit more pop. Of course, you don’t have to go all-out with wall design to make the most of the mosaic touch. Accents offer a summery vibe MosaicsLab shows, with framed works and mirrors offering a draw that few other forms of accent décor can achieve so effortlessly. If you came here wanting to delve into the more eccentric side of “out-there,” though, you could always take inspiration from the mosaic homes AtlasObscura has found around the world!

Be Bold by Committing to Neutral

In a world where you can get an exact colour on a piece of clothing scanned and made into an identical paint, there’s something quite brave about committing to a neutral colour scheme. Available to rent on Play, you couldn’t hope for a finer example of going neutral than the 1995 movie Safe by Todd Haynes. The aim of this design was to relay the comfort and safety that the protagonist, Carol, can have at home, with her embracing sprawl of beige and pastel colours suddenly disrupted when a store attempts to deliver a black sofa. As detailed by Vogue, even the lead’s clothes relay this cocoon of comfort, control, and cleanliness, with the neutral aesthetic being key to relaying this feeling for the character and to the audience.

The guide on embracing neutrals by The Spruce says that, for the sophisticated look, you’ll want to layer hues of the same colour. Naturally, it can be daunting to run with an all-neutral room as colours are fun and what we’re accustomed to seeing. Still, as we detail at HomeSenator, a neutral palette for the walls, furniture, and accessories can then make accent pieces all the more impressive.

Embrace the ideas of entertainment products and see if any of these out-there home décor ideas suit your vision. You could try being boldly neutral, seeing what eye-catching designs can bring warm vibes to your home with mosaics, or be a visionary with a powerful wall mural.

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