In 2020, there were 214,323 foreclosure filings in the US. A foreclosure takes place when a borrower doesn’t pay their mortgage payments. The lender will often repossess the foreclosed home and sell it.

If you’re on the market for a new home, you may see a home advertised as ‘home in foreclosure’. This means the home is actively going through the complete foreclosure process.

For starters look for the apartment essentials and here is a quick guide on steps to buying a house in foreclosure below. Make sure to keep reading if you’re on the hunt in the housing market.

Understand Different Ways to Buy the Home

When looking at different houses in foreclosure, it’s important to understand different ways you can buy the home. How you buy the home might depend on who owns the house at the time. It could still be the original buyer or the bank, depending on the stage of foreclosure the home is in.

If an owner decides to go through with a sale while they still own it, you’ll be buying the home during a short sale. In a short sale, a lender allows the owner to sell the home for less than what their mortgage payments are worth.

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Instead of buying from the owner, you might also be buying from a bank or from the government. A home will typically be labeled as ‘real estate owned’ on the market if a bank is selling the home.

Know Your Budget, Get Preapproved for a Mortage

While it’s not impossible, it’s rare for someone to be able to pay in whole for a home on the spot. Know your budget before getting too deep into house foreclosure listings.

You’ll want to know how much you have available for mortgage payments and set aside money for any needed maintenance and touch-ups. Many people buy foreclosed homes to flip them and resell them at a higher price.

No matter what home you’re buying, getting preapproved for a mortgage is an important step. A bank will run your credit, take a look at your income, and let you know how big of a mortgage you’re able to afford.

Order an Inspection

Foreclosed homes are thrown onto the market as-is. It’s rare to find foreclosed homes with recent updates and renovations.

As you’re closing the deal on the home, order an inspection. If too many problems pop up, it may be best to decline the home. Too many home repairs can quickly sink someone into debt and also it will long before you make a great first impression of your home.

Hope for the best and expect the worse with inspections on foreclosed homes.

Steps to Buying a House in Foreclosure

If you’re wanting to save money on buying a home, you’ve most likely checked out foreclosed homes. Make sure you understand the steps to buying a house in foreclosure before signing any papers.

Understand the different ways to buy a home, and know your budget. Go ahead and get preapproved for a mortgage and order an inspection.

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