West Palm Beach is not just a tourist destination, it’s a vibrant community with much to offer to those looking for a new home. So it should come as no surprise that thousands of people are relocating to the area every single year.

Palm Beach Moving Trends

In 2022, Palm Beach County experienced absolutely explosive growth – a testament to its strengthening business and financial environment. This is a trend that started years ago, but really started popping off around the onset of the pandemic.

“About 11,000 people moved to Palm Beach right after COVID and 41% alone came from the Manhattan area,” says Kelly Smallridge, CEO of Palm Beach County’s public/private economic development agency. “Those people brought $3.4 billion with them. We now lead in terms of the highest median wage in all 67 counties in the state of Florida. In my 34 years of doing economic development to grow our jobs and diversify our industries, this is the largest transformation that I’ve ever seen.”

Interestingly, it’s not just nationwide transplants making their way to Palm Beach County. Many Florida residents from further down south are finding their way up to the area for more convenience and better lifestyle factors.

In 2023, there hasn’t been much slowing down. There’s been a massive influx of people moving to all parts of Palm Beach County, with West Palm Beach getting a lot of the focus. And based on the way things are set up now, it doesn’t appear that this trend will end any time soon.

The Top Reasons People Are Moving to West Palm Beach

Okay, so why is the Palm Beach area – and West Palm Beach in particular – such a popular destination for people all over the country? Well, it’s difficult to narrow it down to a single factor.

Here are several of the biggest ones:

1. Weather

When you think about Florida, what comes to mind? It has to be the weather, right? Nestled along the southeastern coast, Palm Beach has a tropical rainforest climate. That means it’s basically warm year-round. Now, it can get pretty hot in the summer. But most residents gladly trade that for avoiding cold, snowy winters.

2. Economic Opportunities

Palm Beach is known for being the unofficial “Wall Street of the South” for its massive economic hub for banking and financial services. But it’s not all big business. There’s also a thriving community of local businesses, tourism, and arts. It’s a diverse job market for both newcomers and established professionals.

3. Real Estate Market

Downtown West Palm Beach is home to some of the best real estate in the country. It’s not exactly cheap, but the views and access are unparalleled. If you want a single-family home, there are options. But a lot of buyers are opting for condos.

Downtown West Palm Beach condos aren’t like most condos. They offer gorgeous views, amazing sightlines, and stunning views of the ocean and city skyline. It’s like owning your own slice of heaven without having to worry about landscaping and upkeep. Plus, many condos in West Palm Beach offer amazing luxury amenities on-site.

4. Recreational Activities Galore

You can’t write an article about the appeal of West Palm Beach without talking about outdoor activities. It has a boatload of them – no pun intended!

As a coastal city, water-based activities naturally take center stage. Whether you fancy paddleboarding along the Intracoastal Waterway, diving to explore marine biodiversity, or embarking on a deep-sea fishing expedition, the options are limitless. The city’s marinas are also hubs for yacht enthusiasts and offer charters for those eager to explore the Atlantic further.

There are also world-class golf courses, nature parks, outdoor festivals and art shows, and plenty of activities for kids and families. (The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society, South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, and the interactive play zones at the West Palm Beach waterfront ensure a fun-filled day for the young ones.)

Adding it All Up

There’s no singular reason for the influx of people moving to West Palm Beach. Rather, it’s a confluence of attractive factors that make the area such an appealing place for people all over the country to call their new home.

And the good news is that there’s still some more room!

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