When you expect your family to expand over time, it makes sense to buy a dining room set that can grow with your household. When you want to make sure that you are going to have enough seating for children, extended family, or guests, there are some options that you should be looking for. Here are just a few.

Bench seating

Adding bench seating is a great way to cut the costs of your new dining room furniture, because you will ultimately buy fewer pieces. One bench on a long side of a table can seat several children, leaving the more expensive and comfortable Acapulco chairs to the adults.

Bench seating is also a great option if you frequently change the number of place settings at your table. You can get a bench in combination with extension leaves to easily expand your seating. When the bench is not in use, it can be placed at the entrance, mudroom, or back door for use when entering or leaving the house.

Adjustable or extendable table

We already mentioned the extension leaves in the above section, but what are they? Many tables, both round and rectangular, can come with one or more leaves that can be used to extend the table to a larger size. These leaves are usually easily stored in a closet when not in use. It is a great way to make room for extra guests at an already crowded family dinner table.

Lightweight but durable

Purchasing lightweight furniture is a must if you need adjustable dining room seating or place settings. Being able to move the furniture around the house as needed for storage or alternative use is important. On the other hand, you still want to make sure that the chairs are durable and can withstand the abuse inflicted on furniture by children. Engineered wood is a great way to get solid construction with less weight.

Stands up to stains

Of course, when you have small children your primary concern about new furniture is that it cannot be easily stained. You want to choose upholstery for your benches and dining chairs that is easy to clean, water-resistant, and is a darker color that won’t show stains when they inevitably happen. This way you can also maintain the first impression of your home. Many dining room sets designed with families in mind provide dining chairs that are Scotch-guarded so that most spills will roll right off.


Finally, most families are on a very strict budget. Thankfully, when you shop online you can find a dining set starting at $181. You can find deep discounts on clearance items from previous seasons, as well as getting free delivery and other perks that save you money over your local furniture store. If you really want the best furniture sets for a growing family, online furniture stores are where it’s at.

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