Bed bugs are pesky pests that can be hard to deal with and get rid of. They are as tiny as an apple seed; you will not experience anything yet if they bite. But when you do, you will feel symptoms like itchy, inflamed spots. But you might confuse them with lice because of their appearance and the symptoms that they give. However, lice and bed bugs differ, and we discussed that in-depth in bed bugs vs. lice. So if you are sure you are dealing with bed bugs, below are what you should and should not do.


Call Nashville Pest Control

The best way to manage bed bugs is to call pest control. They can know what kind of infestation you are experiencing and the severity of the infestation. The bed bug exterminator can come as soon as possible to eradicate the infestations immediately. First, they will inspect your home. Second, they will provide you with an accurate quote on how much you will have to pay them for their service. Third, they will now treat the infested areas in your home. Lastly, they will return to your home for a follow-up check-up.

Do not move objects into new locations

If you suspect you already have bed bugs in your home, it is best not to move things around it. Bed bugs are known to jump from one place to another. If you keep moving your items at home, you will risk getting bed bugs in places where formerly there were none. Until the bed bugs are completely out of your home, keep the items at your home in their original place.

Sleep in your bedroom

Bed bugs are commonly found in the bedroom. So should you stop sleeping there? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Even though you are annoyed by them, it is the same as when you move objects from another location. When you move to another sleeping place, you just bring the bed bugs.

Declutter rooms

Start cleaning your rooms by throwing the things you no longer use. Even though they are not attracted to clutter and dirt, it can be a source of hiding place for them, and bed bugs love hiding. When you throw your unnecessary items, ensure no one will use them. If you leave your trash on the curb, people will likely get them before the garbage collector can. You can destroy them beyond use so people will no longer get them from the trash.

Wash infected objects

Washing bedding, clothes, and other infected ways can eliminate all bed bugs on them. It is an effective yet cheap way to eliminate pests like bed bugs on infested items.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming can suck up bed bugs that you might find hard to see. After vacuuming, put some talcum powder inside the vacuum bag to kill all the bed bugs and their eggs.

Limit visitors

If you suspect you have bed bugs in your house, limit people from visiting your home. Bed bugs may jump to them and their belongings, causing an infestation in another home. They may also bring more bed bugs into your home without you and them knowing.


Killing bed bugs with garden pesticides

Commercially made pesticides are not entirely effective in eliminating bed bugs. You might cause more harm than good. Bed bugs are good at hiding and can hide until the pesticides have dried up. When this happens, bed bugs won’t get killed; they will just move to a place without pesticides. Room foggers or bug bombs are not also effective because they cannot reach areas where bed bugs hide.

Using rubbing alcohol, kerosene, and gasoline

Rubbing alcohol, kerosene, and gasoline should be applied directly to bed bugs to kill them; sometimes they are not even that effective. Moreover, since bed bugs are good at hiding, this can be very hard to do, and you might just start a fire in your house.

Storing things under the bed

As mentioned, clutter is a good place for bed bugs to hide. If you keep storing items under your bed or where you sleep, bed bugs will hide under where you sleep even more.

Improperly throwing objects

If you want to throw your infested items, throw them properly. Cover the infested objects with a plastic cover and make sure that the objects are properly sealed. This means there shouldn’t be any holes where bed bugs can escape. Make sure that you make the objects useless by destroying them to avoid other people using them.

Taking home secondhand items

Secondhand items are not bad, and some of them still have good quality. However, secondhand items can be the cause of infesting your house objects with bed bugs. In addition, you don’t know whether the objects are properly cleaned or free from bed bugs. Therefore, as much as possible, do not buy secondhand items or clean them thoroughly before bringing them home.

Purchasing more items

If you are dealing with bed bugs, buying new items for your home may not be the best option. Bed bugs can jump from a different place to another. Therefore, you’ll just infest your new objects if you still have bed bugs in your home.

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